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You know you need a holiday when…

We are all guilty of it. The work week rolls around and you have a routine and deadlines to meet. If you have children then add to that busy schedule of yours the school pick up and drop off run plus a music lesson here, a football game there and before you know it another week has gone by and you haven’t done anything other than go to work and do house chores much less having a quality conversation with the spouse, children or friends. But we’re here to tell you that life is for living. If you can relate to any of these moments then guess what… it’s time for a holiday.

When mountains become molehills

I know it’s upsetting when the coffee isn’t made right or when someone cuts you off when you drive but if you let it ruin your day then it might be holiday that you actually need instead. Save that $4 per coffee and put it towards sailing off into the sunset in the Great Barrier Reef, discovering Arnhem Land with an Indigenous elder in the Northern Territory or perhaps getting away from it all and joining one of the many great hikes in Australia or New Zealand.

Your Facebook feed is full of other people’s travel pics

When a quick stroll through the Facebook feed fills you with travel envy or a mild case of depression then stop saying ‘I wish I was there’ and start saying ‘I’m going to go there’.

You are so tired that you start have trouble stringing a sentence together

If you are having trouble stringing a sentence together and your colleagues are accusing you of being drunk at 10am when in fact you are just very fatigued and have a case of fuzzy brain then it is definitely time to book in some annual leave.

You are feeling isolated from family and friends

Loneliness and feelings of isolation are extremely common and a normal part of adult life but it is often left unspoken about it. From deadlines to busy schedules and five day working weeks it’s easy to get trapped into a routine but it is important to find time for family and friends. A break no matter how long or short is a great way to reconnect with loved ones and friends. Experiences can help you reconnect with your partner, family and friends and share in memories that will last a lifetime. 

A trip to Ikea becomes a highlight of the week

I know the Swedish meatballs are good and the smell of new furniture is a hilarious natural high for some but putting a flat pack bookcase together to hold your books is just not the same as reading those same books under a palm tree on a beach or by the pool with yummy cocktails delivered to you at your request.

You start seeking out your favourite travel movies

If the closest thing you can get to excitement and a round the world airfare is a night on the couch watching Eat, Pray, Love or the latest instalment of Mission Impossible or you find yourself constantly looking at airfares then you guessed it… it’s time for a break. Pull out that travel bucket list and start ticking off all those places that you have always dreamed of experiencing. From witnessing a sunset at Uluru, to skydiving for the ultimate thrill or joining a whale watching cruise… whatever your interest… there is an unforgettable experience just waiting for you. 

When you can’t even remember the last trip you took

This one needs no explanation. If you can’t remember the last time you took a break and had some personal time then you are most definitely overdue for a holiday. A holiday can improve physical and mental health immediately in 5 simple ways and even an extended weekend at home exploring your own city should not be overlooked as a potential break from the daily grind.

If we’ve inspired you to travel (and we hope we have) then head to our experiences page and start planning the most extraordinary Australian or New Zealand getaway here.  


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