Believe it or not but studies from Roy Morgan show that a third of Australians have more than 4 weeks annual leave stockpiled. The statistic proves that Australians are a hard working bunch but this could be impacting productivity at work and a contributing factor to poor physical and mental health.

Increased levels of stress can lead to a variety of ailments including heart disease, depression, anxiety and relationship breakdowns. Time out from the daily grind can have a beneficial impact on your life by improving your sleep, health and providing you with quality time to reconnect with your partner, family or friends.

If you are not convinced then here are four ways that you can improve your health instantly by taking a holiday.

Improved Sleep

An inability to switch off at the end of the day can result in a restless night’s sleep and signals that perhaps there is too much on the mind. According to the National Sleep Foundation the average adult needs 7 to 9 hours a sleep a night otherwise we begin to lose our ability to focus, are less alert and the memory is impaired increasing the risk of accidents and depleted moods.

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A holiday gives you the chance to hit the reset button and catch up on much needed sleep that you may have been missing out on and return to a regular sleeping pattern that will increase your productivity upon your return to work.

The less sleep you get each night the higher your chances are increased blood pressure, a weak immunity, heart disease, weight gain and change in moods. Sleep is a magic potion and the best thing is that it requires very little effort from you.

Decrease Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Research by the Heart Foundation have concluded that heart disease is one of Australia’s biggest killers and physical exercise and nutrition is only half the story.  You can reduce your risk of heart disease immediately by maintaining a work life balance taking breaks when necessary and remaining socially connected with your friends and family.

If financial constraints prevent you from booking a holiday then don’t despair because taking time out to explore your own backyard will still improve your health. Instead, use the opportunity to see some of the natural wonders in the homeland. 

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Australia is lucky to have vast landscapes and a holiday to suit each type of traveller whether you prefer the outback, the beach or remote islands, however, sometimes nothing can beat the comfort of your own home.

With some careful budgeting and planning there are activities for each budget whether it is a day at the beach, a walk in the rainforest, a thrilling jet boat cruise or a visit to the local aquarium or zoo.

When you take the leap and book in your annual leave you may become pleasantly surprised by the adventures that exists in your own city.

Boost Your Mood

We are all guilty of falling into a routine during the week followed by a weekend of chores and time spent with family but a holiday is one way to break the cycle and put the excitement back into your life.

Taking annual leave is not only a chance for your body and mind to rest but it is also presents an opportunity to open yourself up to new experiences, dedicate time to a project that inspires you or travel to a destination unknown surrounded  people that you love.

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The possibilities are endless and the benefits to your mental health are immeasurable. It might sound like common sense but holidays will make you happy.

In fact, the mere process of researching and planning a holiday can do wonders to your mental health giving you a goal to work towards and a motivation to work harder in preparation for the vacation.

Strengthen Personal Relationships

Humans are social creatures and holidays are the perfect time to have a digital detox and reconnect with the ones you love.

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Visit family and friends and enjoy the free time to bond and communicate with each other and you will see your relationships strengthen.

You may even want to take your family holiday one step further and enforce a ban on technology. Drag out the board games, go hiking or have a family movie night but whatever you decide to do together it will create memories of a lifetime.

The Verdict

The results are in…you can improve your sleep, physical health, mood and reinforce relationships by simply taking annual leave. So we are here to tell you that it’s time to book a holiday because the health benefits have been scientifically proven. 

If you need some inspiration we have over 3,000 handpicked experiences that are sure to shake up your life and leave you feeling reenergised and ready to return back to the workforce. 




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