Offering a blend of architectural styles that combine the old with the new, along with a creative and culinary bent that provide a sense of refinement and charm, serves as an ultimate example of the integration of European influences on top of the native Maori culture. More than just a political capital, the city and its surrounds offer a range of things to see and do.


Easy to navigate due to its relatively small CBD and efficient public transport options, Wellington makes it easy to get from points A to B and experience the city and its surrounds – whether it be the downtown areas with their many great cafes and boutique arts and crafts stores, or the more natural side of things such as nearby Mount Victoria or the beautiful waters of Wellington Harbour (dubbed Te Whanganui-a-Tara in the Maori toungue).

In terms of things to do in Wellington, there is a fairly wide range of options that should cater to most interests, many of which are free of charge or at the very least, reasonably priced. Within the city itself you have local highlights such as the beautiful wood and stained glass of the Old St. Paul’s Cathedral and the vibrant flowers and plants at the Wellington Botanic Gardens, as well as the Museum of Wellington City and Sea which does a great job of showcasing the city’s strong maritime history. Looking outside its borders, both Mounts Victoria and Kaukau make for great walking and trekking destinations that offer great views once a fair height up their slopes.

Top 10 Things

From cultural attractions to scenic outlooks and more, Wellington has plenty to offer the first time visitor; here’s the top 10.

When to Visit

Located on the south-eastern tip of New Zealand’s north island, Wellington has changeable weather; here’s the best time to pay a visit.


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Looking for the best tours, attractions and activities in Wellington? We’ve got you covered!

The city also has plenty of attractions and tours to visit and take part in as well, such as the impressive Zealandia conservationist wildlife sanctuary that serves as somewhat of a step back in time, Wellington Zoo which showcases a large range of exotic and rare animals both from New Zealand and beyond, the Carter Observatory which takes advantage of clear skies and abundant exhibits to act as a treasure-trove of interesting space-based information, and much more. Find out everything you’ll need for your Wellington trip below.


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