The Western Australia Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Western Australia unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#90 - Spend a day at Mundaring Weir

Where is it? Mundaring, WA

In terms of easily reachable escapes from WA's capital, Mundaring amongst the Perth Hills offers a mixture of art, history and nature that's hard to beat. Roughly a 40 minute drive from the Perth CBD along the Great Eastern Highway towards Kalgoorlie, the small town is most famous for its most significant feat of engineering - the historic Mundaring Weir (a smaller form of dam) that supplies water to outback locales such as Kalgoorlie. The planning and construction of the Weir is well curated, with details on its origins, history and function detailed via signed plaque, while one of its pumping stations has been converted into a museum that provides some more fascinating insight.

There's more to the region than just ingenious feats of engineering to explore, however; the red-brick and bush-nestled Mundaring Weir Hotel makes for a character-rich location in which to enjoy a morning or evening meal, with the Weir itself just a shot stroll away, while Lake Leschenaultia offers a lovely tucked-away spot to enjoy a swim or barbecue, or even camp. The lake is a man-made body of water, yet the surroundings still feel natural, and it's highly enjoyable to simply bring along a picnic and enjoy watching wild kangaroos at play. More active visitors may instead choose to go riding through one of the many popular mountain bike tracks, or hike on foot through picturesque stretches of wilderness. Mundaring offers free, nature-oriented fun where the only costs are time and petrol. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

#89 - Try a drop at the Great Southern Distilling Company

Where is it? Albany, WA

While much of the south-west of Western Australia is more prominently renowned for its wine production, those with a taste for a drop of the stronger stuff can instead head to the Great Southern Distilling Company just a short drive out of Albany. Makers of a range of handcrafted spirits - including the signature Limeburners line of award-winning whiskey - the company produces products worthy of an international stage yet conducted on a regional level, with "local" friendly service to boot. Everything here is done with an extra layer of attention to detail and quality which becomes obvious upon entering, with polished wood surfaces, modern cabinetry, and even labels put on by hand.

Visitors to the Great Southern Distilling Company can participate in a guided tour for a reasonable price that comes with several tastings included, while showcasing the workings of the relatively small, yet efficient, distillery. Service is friendly, passionate and knowledgeable, and staff here have a great deal of insight when it comes to each of the individual products. The whiskeys themselves come in beautiful flavours and tastes, and while they're undeniably pricey, the sheer quality and boutique skill involved therein makes it will worth it for aficionados - especially when combined on a trip to see the rest of the Albany region's wonderful highlights. There's a cafe on hand for light meals and a small area for keeping the kids occupied, too. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

#88 - Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge

Where is it? Outskirts of Broome, WA

A staple of Australian television for decades, renowned documentary maker and "original Crocodile Hunter" Malcolm Douglas may have passed away several years ago, yet his legacy lives on in the form of the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge just outside Broome. Signified by its massive fibreglass crocodile head at its entrance, the park contains a staggering number of crocodiles to see, along with varied other wildlife such as kangaroos, dingoes, and large quantities of birds and parrots. Great visibility for the animal's enclosures is granted from peering through the park's chain link fences - particularly the main crocodile enclosure in which around 70 of the sometimes-massive reptiles are contained.

A visit to the Refuge will satisfy all you ever wanted to know about these fascinating and ancient reptiles including their habits, diets and biology via detailed talks given by the park's staff that are always tinged with a sense of humour to help keep things entertaining. Guests will also have the chance to handle a baby crocodile - not only enjoyable but great for a photo op! Be sure to arrive for feeding time (3:00pm, lasts for around an hour) when the crocs are at their most active - and impressive - to get the most out of your visit here. Just a 15 minute drive out of town, this is a must-visit Broome area attraction that's a great choice for families and wildlife buffs in particular. Image credit: Hummingbird Away

#87 - Be Pampered at Hidden Valley Day Spa

Where is it? Perth Hills, WA

Those looking for a day of indulgence can take a scenic drive into the Perth Hills and head to the Hidden Valley Day Spa which specialises in pampering in a range of forms including the physical and culinary varieties, or any combination thereof. Situated around 40 minutes from the Perth CBD and nestled amongst some dense forested greenery, this is a "retreat" in every sense of the word; it's easy to feel hours away in the bush rather than just a short distance outside the state's capital. Hidden Valley emits an aura of tranquility immediately upon arriving, with its nature-immersed surroundings and the sound of birdsong help adding to the escapist atmosphere and setting the scene for what is to come.

Available both as accommodation and as a day-only venue, the spa offers multiple traditional treatments such as body wraps and hot stone massages, as well as some original offerings including bamboo massages and chocolate body scrubs. Quality is key to making this more than just a place to stay; everything is clean, comfortable and warm, with entrancing smells permeating the air and high quality oils and other materials used during treatment processes, along with staff who understand that most visitors are looking to treat themselves with a fairly hefty monetary investment. Food here is also exceptional - both in simple platter and full-blown course form - and vineyards nearby present a further opportunity to delight the tastebuds. Image credit: Hidden Valley Day Spa

#86 - Quality beer at Little Creatures Brewery

Where is it? Fremantle, WA

Domestic beer production has come a long way in recent years, with one of the biggest - and tastiest - success stories in this vein being the Little Creatures brand which originated in Fremantle around the turn of the century. Those wanting to try a drop or two from the source can pay a visit to the Fremantle brewery, which is an "attraction" unto itself, and a favourite hangout for many locals. The venue is massive, featuring a unique, rustic decor with a distinctly upbeat atmosphere that manages to be both modern and yet somehow old world, and it's perched in a great location offering views of the water. The brewery is almost continually crowded due to its popularity, and offers an excellent variety of beer - with its pale ale remaining the major card-carrier for the brand.

The Little Creatures Brewery features a bar and brewhouse section as well as a main restaurant for more involved dining, however those looking for a reasonable priced affair can simply enjoy it as a great value spot for a beer-and-pizza combo meal. Tours of the brewery are held regularly throughout the week, and offer both a guided look at the equipment and processes themselves as well as tastings. There are also good play facilities for children (including a large sandpit easily visible for parents) so that families can attend guilt-free; as a result, it's a worthy itinerary item for all visitors to Fremantle and a wonderful introduction to true Australian craft beer (forget the Fosters) for international visitors in particular. Image credit: Tourism WA.

#85 - Visit the Aviation Heritage Museum

Where is it? Bull Creek, WA

This amazingly comprehensive of both aircraft and aviation memorabilia is one of the region's best-kept secrets, and a direct result of the sheer passion and enthusiasm - not to mention time - its volunteer members have put into its existence over the years. The Aviation Heritage Museum is a world-class museum that doesn't require a particular interest in aviation to enjoy, and serves as home to an extensive range of aircraft and thousands of period-specific individual items including letters, medals and firsthand stories from various pilots throughout history. Over 30 aircraft can be found here, each in lovingly-restored condition, with the Spitfire fighter and Langcaster bomber aircraft a highlight - partly due to sheer scale, and partly due to the ability to explore its interior upon prior booking.

The displays intermingle both military and commercial aircraft, with an extensive amount of curation on offer to provide background on each; this is further augmented by a number of videos and storyboards that bring these historic birds to life. Children won't be alienated here, either, as they'll have the ability to climb into a number of the aircraft's cockpits - a delight for young boys in particular. Add in other pluses such as a huge display of model aircraft, friendly and insightful staff, undercover parking and a minimal and extremely reasonable entrance fee that goes towards the maintaining and management of the exhibits, and you've got a premier cultural attraction just outside Perth city that can easily steal hours of your time. Image credit: Radschool Association

#84 - Hold an icon at Cohunu Koala Park

Where is it? Byford, WA

Don't let the name deceive you: while there certainly are plenty of cute and cuddly koalas to get up close with here, this Byford attraction 40 minutes outside Perth is a fully-fledged wildlife facility in and of itself. Cohunu Koala Park is a far cry from your larger, more commercialised zoos, and is instead a more intimate and interactive place for encountering an array of Australian animals within a natural and unobtrusive environment. All of the typical icons of the Aussie animal world can be found here - including kangaroos, wallabies, emus and more all wandering in spacious enclosures - with visitors having the ability to purchase a bag of food and feed them in person. Roaming peacocks add a dash of vivid colour to the proceedings, while the friendly keepers help create a jovial and cheerful atmosphere that visitors are free to explore for as long as they like.

The koalas remain the undisputed highlight of Cohunu Koala Park, however, and for good reason: while it's legal to hold koalas in the state of Western Australia, Cohunu is the only place where visitors can actually do so. As a result, those who have been wanting to tick this off their personal travel bucket list can do so for an additional fee - a particular boon for international travellers. The koalas themselves are all obviously healthy and well cared for, and are rotated in and out for cuddling sessions to avoid any stress and fatigue. Quiet, comprehensive, and hands-on, Cohunu Koala Park is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts in and around Perth.Image credit: LipstickLicious

#83 - View the wildflowers of Coalseam Conservation Park

Where is it? 1+ hour from Geraldton, WA

From June to November each year, a vast portion of Western Australia comes alive with a dazzling array of colour as wildflower season makes its way from north to south. While there are multiple idyllic spots for taking in this floral spectacle, the Coalseam Conservation Park between Mingenew and Mullewa serves as one of the best. Home to fields upon fields of yellow and purple wildflowers during peak bloom season, it's a colourful concentration of woody heath plants and wildflowers of all varieties. Sitting at a picnic facility immersed in a sea of colour inside the park makes for one of WA's most memorable and picturesque lunch spots, while spending time taking a leisurely stroll through its range of walking tracks is both a scenic endeavour as well as a photographer's dream.

The park is also replete with a good variety of bird life that add some extra life to its atmosphere, while a number of viewing platforms offer great outlooks including impressive cliffside panoramas. Those looking for an extended stay also have a number of options for camping, and while facilities are only basic, waking up to such a colourful tableau makes the "roughing it" aspect all the more worthwhile. Exposed bands of coal seams can still be spotted due to its history as a mined coal deposit, with the contrast in landscape colours making for additional landscape variety. Relatively easy to access as a day trip from Geraldton, and navigable via a standard 2WD vehicle despite a gravel road on the way in, both botanic enthusiasts and landscape photographers will want to include this on their WA itinerary. Image credit: Tourism WA

#82 - Diverse Fun at The Maze Family Fun Park

Where is it? Bullsbrook, WA

This single attraction in Bulssbrook incorporates multiple individual attractions all-in-one; it's a veritable Swiss Army Knife of things to do that mixes together wildlife park, mini golf, water playground and - of course - mazes. Home to the greater Perth region's first hedge maze along with a number of other mazes of different materials, the Maze Family Fun Park is another great place for families to visit, ideally with children up to the age of 12 that provides plenty of entertainment and ways to occupy a full day to ensure bang for your buck. Make no mistake - this is not a "thrill park", but a mixture of different laid-back things to do - with variety to ensure a lack of monotony or boredom.

The attraction's wildlife park is charming if not overly extensive, with visitors able to encounter the likes of koalas, emus, kangaroos, birds and lizards, along with a whimsical and talkative resident Macaw. It's also home to a relatively recent addition - the "Outback Splash" water playground, which provides a mixture of aquatic highlights such as mixed slides and a massive tipping bucket for the little ones to cool off in the hotter periods. For the adults, plenty of grass and natural shade is provided to relax in, as well as barbecue facilities for cooking your own lunch to help keep the costs down. Set in a lovely garden environment that is pleasant to wander through in its own right, The Maze's diversity will ensure the little ones have a smile on their face for several hours; and it's continually expanding its offerings, as well. Image credit: The Maze Family Fun Park

#81 - Feel small at the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

Where is it? Carnarvon, WA

While Western Australia may seem immense to the average traveller, a visit to the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum will soon put into perspective just how small both state and country truly are. Created from a collaboration between locals, businesses and volunteers as a detailed tribute to the role that Carnarvon and its dish station played in the USA's manned space program, the museum is proof that interactivity and education can go directly hand-in-hand. There's plenty to touch, push, flip and otherwise get involved with to keep those of all ages mentally and physically occupied, augmented by an overdose of curation and information about the events leading up to the moon landing.

A standout feature is the full-sized Apollo 11 module that visitors can step inside to experience a 7-minute simulated countdown and launch that astronauts went through when beginning the mission, while continual space movies running add another visually educational element to the proceedings. The exceptionally friendly volunteers round out the museum's offerings, as no question is to difficult or mundane for them to answer in-depth. Visitors to the museum can also walk up the towering satellite dish for a nice panorama of the town, and see Carnarvon from a whole new perspective. Given the low price for the degree of curation and entertainment to be had here, and the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum is the perfect choice for a hot day in the region. Image credit: Australia's Coral Coast

Western Australia MapWestern Australia is not merely Australia’s largest state; its size leads to some of the greatest variety in both experiences and landscapes of any of the country’s territories. As a result, a trip across the massive state can encompass a drastically broad range of tableaus and vistas, people, foods and wines, and amazing landscapes and geographical features.

The northern and southern ends of Western Australia are thus drastically different; one is a ruggedly beautiful land of vivid reds, where ochre rocks clash with vivid blue waters, vast deserted beaches make for incredible escapes, and some unique natural phenomena unlike anything else in the country can be found. In this portion of the state, you’re as likely to enjoy a camel ride on the beach alongside a blazing sunset as you are to venture into the heart of one of Australia’s most intriguing National Parks.

Head south, and an intermingled land of beautiful beach-pocketed coastline, verdant wine producing regions and Australia’s sunniest capital city await. Perth serves as a laid-back, picturesque and enjoyable springboard for exploring many of the states adventures – it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to venture north, south, or even east where a taste of the Australian Outback awaits. Do epic marine adventures swimming alongside the world’s largest fish entice you? Exmouth and the Ningaloo Marine Park await. Are you wanting a picturesque island escape a mere ferry ride away from the capital? Look towards the beach-and-wildlife-rich Rottnest Island. Looking to sample some of the country’s best up-and coming wines and other fresh produce? Margaret River is only a couple of hours drive away.

From Broome to Albany and everywhere around and in-between, it’s this diversity that makes Western Australia such a vastly different experience for each and every traveller – one where each is free to craft their own amazing travel story. On this Western Australia bucket list, we hand-pick the 100 experiences that we feel best sum up the state’s many wonderful offerings.

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