The Ultimate Victoria Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Australia’s state of Victoria unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#90 - Catch a flick at Sun Theatre Yarraville

Where is it? 8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville, VIC

The greater Melbourne region is widely known for its artistic and slightly alternative bent, and this even carries over to the simple act of enjoying a movie at Yarraville's Sun Theatre. Adorned in an art-deco style appropriate of its opening back in 1938, the theatre adds a wonderful sense of atmosphere to moviegoing, and after some bumpy moments throughout its history has been semi-modernised into its current tip-top condition.

The theatre is perpetually buzzing and alive with local families who flock to watch movies that come with the benefit of comfortable and roomy seats, and a cosy atmosphere as opposed to the often sterile nature of big cinema chains. Visitors to the Sun can purchase beer or wine and bring them into the movie, and the little ones are sure to love the choc-top ice creams done properly. Couple all of this with the beautiful decorations and numerous surrounding spots nearby to grab a bite to eat of a night, and there are few other cinematic experiences in Victoria that can compare to an evening out at the Sun Theatre - all of which comes with a very reasonable price tag.

#89 - Visit the RAAF Museum

Where is it? Point Cook Road, RAAF Base Williams, Melbourne, VIC

This extensively curated display of all-things-aviation is located in an operating air-force base and features a staggering array of aircraft from time periods ranging from vintage to recent. The RAAF Museum is both well laid out and presented, and features plenty of interactive displays detailing various aspects of flight that add a more hands-on element to the typically static museum experience, covering the aircraft's involvement in both peace and war time environments.

Staffed by passionate and knowledgeable volunteers who are always willing to answer any questions you may have, and given the sheer volume of both restored planes and various other aviation-oriented artefacts on display, there's a conversation piece in every corner of the jam-packed museum. Each individual item is exceptionally well documented, and brings to life their real-world application such that even those who have little interest in regular military museums will be able to enjoy their time here. Kids will love it, and adults will love it for an additional reason as well - entry is entirely free.

#88 - Travel to Split Point Lighthouse

Where is it? Federal St, Aireys Inlet, VIC

Any Aussie adult who went to school in the 1990's will have been exposed to Australian TV show "Round the Twist" on a day when sports class was cancelled due to rain - and Airey's Inlet's Split Point Lighthouse will thus immediately bring some nostalgic feelings to the forefront, having been the locale where the show was based. The lighthouse is in excellent condition and sits on a wonderful spot along the Great Ocean Road where multiple lookout points grant excellent views out to the surrounding ocean, and there are plenty of little walking trails nearby that provide alternate viewpoints or spots for a picnic.

The lighthouse can also be explored inside via a paid guided tour that takes place on the hour and provides further insight while granting even more exceptional views from the top, and from which whales can be spotted during their annual migratory period. Split Point Lighthouse also has a lovely little cafe for some light refreshment, making it an ideal stop-off spot during your journey along the Great Ocean Road. Image credit: XM2 via Tourism Victoria

#87 - Visit Brambuk Cultural Centre

Where is it? 277 Grampians Rd, Halls Gap VIC

Victoria's spectacular Grampians National Park isn't simply a region that's visually impressive; it's also a significant area in terms of indigenous Australian history and heritage dating back thousands of years. First-time visitors to the Grampians should stop by the incredibly informative Brambuk Cultural Centre as their initial port of call, which serves as a hybrid attraction/heritage site where travellers can learn all about the Grampians' history, culture and its life cycle.

The Centre features detailed Aboriginal curation conveyed via dance shows, historical explanations and demonstrations - visitors can watch movies, read interesting storyboards, chat to Aboriginal staff and even they their hand at throwing a boomerang while picking up some useful materials to use further on in your Grampians journey. The detailed insight into Aboriginal mythology is impressive, and the building itself serves as a great escape during rainy days that also features an excellent cafe with freshly-made offerings using ingredients straight from the bush. Image credit: Rob Blackburn via Tourism Victoria

#86 - Soak in Echuca/Moama's history

Where is it? Echuca, VIC

This duo of towns on the banks of the Murray River owe much of their extensive and interesting history to the raw location on Australia's longest waterway, having been initially established in the mid-1800's to take advantage of the Murray's mighty waters. Paddlesteamer vessels that plied their trade from each town became symbolic of the region, and to this day it remains home to the world's largest fleet of these boats - several of which still continue to operate. As a result, numerous historic buildings and businesses appeared as the towns developed, and in the present era they serve as a wonderfully-preserved snapshot that is widely recognised as one of the country's finest heritage icons.

Visitors to the towns who are looking to step back in time can take part in a variety of activities that hark back to simpler days, witnessing blacksmiths perform their craft, taking a guided tour of museums and old-time pubs, visiting historic wineries, hiking bush walking trails and, of course, taking a ride on a paddlesteamer themselves. Add this to the exceptionally welcoming attitudes of the locals, and it's an excellent location for a laid-back, multi-day adventure just 2.5 hours from Melbourne. Image credit: Rob Blackburn via Tourism Victoria

#85 - Explore The Enchanted Adventure Garden

Where is it? 55 Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat, VIC

One of Victoria's best all-round family attractions, the Mornington Peninsula's Enchanted Adventure Garden offers some excellent entertainment both on and above the ground. While there are a multitude of activities here to keep all ages entertained, its key highlight is the Garden's treetop surfing adventure that features 5 levels worth of obstacle courses of progressive difficulty through the towering Eucalypts.

There are over 50 individual obstacles to conquer here, as well as a number of bridges and zip lines to navigate from one section to the next - as well as back to ground level. Younger kids can also take part, taking advantage of a special, dedicated course specifically designed for little ones under 135cm tall. Its sculptured and well-manicured gardens are also home to not only pleasant scenery but an impressive hedge maze in which to get (enjoyably) lost, plenty of picnic-friendly grassed areas, and a lovely herb and vegetable garden overlooking a lake which makes for a scenic spot to enjoy a meal. There's even a pram-friendly treetop pathway that allows those with infants to soak in some of the Aussie bush scenery from high above.

#84 - Hand-pick at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Where is it? 244 Shands Rd, Main Ridge, VIC

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is renowned for a variety of delights, and strawberries are one such ingredient that can be found at their juiciest at the aptly-named Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. As Australia's largest producer of strawberries, this immensely popular attraction is perpetually busy, but well worth navigating the crowd given the ability to sample some of the best pure strawberries and strawberry-related foodstuffs you're likely to come across; strawberries & ice cream, Belgian strawberry waffles, strawberry sundaes, chocolate-covered strawberries... they're all here, and they're all done with unparalleled quality.

In addition, visitors can take part in picking their own strawberries - popular with kids - for an extra fee that lets you take home 500 grams worth of strawberries of your own choosing, so feel free to aim for the fattest and juiciest of the lot! One tip: due to the farm's popularity, try to coincide your visit outside of peak holiday season to avoid battling other pickers for the best berries.

#83 - History & Respect at the Jewish Holocaust Centre

Where is it? 15 Selwyn St, Elsternwick, VIC

This sombre yet tasteful dedication to the various trials and tribulations of the Jewish community makes for a harrowing yet insightful look at the treatment of the Jews during the World War 2 period of the 1900's, given additional weight by the commentary provided by actual Holocaust survivors who can be found within. The Jewish Holocaust Centre is an incredibly detailed snapshot of one of human history's most deplorable periods, featuring a number of exhibits, relics and firsthand testimonials that perfectly captures the lives and circumstances of those involved.

While it's undeniably sad and moving, the centre aims to instil a feeling of hope and a dedication to abolishing hate to prevent such outcomes from happening again, and the impact for most visitors is undeniable. Visitors can see a replica extermination camp, see exhibits detailing individual Holocaust victim's lives, and ask questions of the survivor/guides who staff the centre for further recounting of their past. While it's not large in size, the centre carries a significance that makes it an essential visit - and worth bringing kids along to, as well.

#82 - Stargazing at the Leon Mow Dark Sky Site

Where is it? 569 Craigs Lane, Lady's Pass, VIC

Oh, the pure joy that can be felt by simply looking up. Located near Heathcote to the north of Melbourne, the Leon Mow Dark Sky site is one of Victoria's premier stargazing locations that is run by the Astronomical Society of Victoria and provides visitors with the opportunity to experience some truly spectacular night sky views due to its combined lack of light pollution and famously clear evenings. While membership of the society is required to visit throughout the year, several events that are open to the general public in March, September and December will allow the uninitiated to take part as well.

While gazing here with the naked eye brings with it its own rewards, the southern sky truly comes to life when glimpsed through quality binoculars or telescopes, and plenty of members are willing to share their equipment with budding eager enthusiasts. The clear visibility of the Milky Way here is enough to leave most people both in awe - and humbled at the universe's sheer scale. Image credit: David Rolfe

#81 - Step back in time at the Pioneer Settlement

Where is it? Monash Dr, Swan Hill VIC

Spread across three hectares of land on the banks of the Little Murray River, the charismatic Pioneer Settlement is a step into the past featuring a number of very well presented and preserved displays and old buildings that has become something of an icon of Swan Hill. Founded in 1966, but harking back far further to the colonial era, visitors to the village can take part in a number of old-world style activities that authentically reflect this period of Australian history. Take a ride on Black Bess the famous Pioneer Settlement steam engine, go for a trot in a horse-drawn vehicle, hop aboard a vintage car - there's a surprising amount of variety to be found in this little settlement.

It's particularly entertaining to watch as staff continue to embrace its past as they sport era-specific fashion and play their parts enthusiastically without overdoing it. Between the many physical attractions and live demonstrations of both shows and craftsmanship, you'll feel like you’re truly taking a step back in time at the character-packed Pioneer Settlement. Image credit: Rob Blackburn via Tourism Victoria

Victoria MapVictoria may be Australia’s second-smallest state, however it’s also one of the most densely packed territories in Oz as far as depth and breadth of experiences are concerned; the state boasts immense variety and blends together wonderfully the coastal, verdant, cosmopolitan and architectural all together into an easily navigable package that’s a joy to explore.

Its relatively compact size means that travellers to Victoria can take in a wide array of visual and gastronomic delights within a relatively short timeframe, and while many may choose to initially use lovely capital Melbourne as a base for exploration, there are also plenty of more options for custom adventures that reveal some of the state’s more hidden delights.

All the character and artistry of Melbourne – one of the world’s most liveable cities and a true culinary and sporting hotbed – are an obvious drawcard, and numerous items on this Victoria bucket list can be found within and just outside the city’s limits. However stepping outside its borders soon reveals that the state is no mere one-trick-pony; heading in all of north, east and west will provide an impressive showcase of the experiences that make Victoria great.

Want to indulge the palate with quality wine and delicious produce? Go for it. After an incredible scenic road trip that ranks amongst the best in the world? Start your engines. A culture and history buff who wants to soak in Aussie and international attractions? Check.

The diversity that Victoria has to offer is reflected in its people, food, scenery and culture – and on this bucket list we hand-pick the 100 that we feel best sums the state up best.

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