The Ultimate Victoria Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Australia’s state of Victoria unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#80 - Enjoy the outdoors at Walhalla

Where is it? Walhalla, VIC

This beautiful and heritage-laden part of Victoria's Gippsland region is full of great little sections of lovely nature, historic sites, and secluded mountain hideaways that make it one of the state's most idyllic getaway spots. Walhalla is a slice of laid-back, old-world heaven that has multiple attractions to take part in - ride a steam train for some lovely outlooks over rolling scenery, explore one of the town's gold mines on which it was originally based, embark on an alpine walk through amazingly verdant rainforest... if you're a fan of the outdoors then this charming area can offer several days' worth of entertainment. It's also one of Victoria's best spots for a camping visit, as the combination of seclusion and breathtaking scenery - as well as the potential for some off-road exploration for those with a 4WD vehicle - are everything a camper could ask for. The daring can even embark on a ghost tour of an evening to explore one of its "haunted" mines!

#79 - See the animals at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Where is it? Cnr of York & Fussell Streets, Ballarat East, VIC


If you’re a sucker for cute and cuddly animals, then Ballarat Wildlife Park is an attraction that's perfect for getting up close with native Aussie wildlife in particular. While it's not a huge zoo, the park allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Aussie nature and meet some of Australia’s favourite creatures and icons such as kangaroos, emus, crocodiles and more. Kangaroos at the park in particular are a major highlight as they're free to roam around and can be hand-fed with some purchased feed. Ballarat Wildlife Park is perfect for visitors both big and small but especially ideal for kids, and friendly staff encourage the ability for the little ones to have a pat of multiple adorable creatures. Proper signage and clear directions throughout make the park easy to navigate, and if you're a wildlife lover this is one Victorian day out you won't soon forget.

#78 - Stroll through Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden

Where is it? 51 Falls Rd, Marysville, VIC

This charming slice of creativity in Victoria's Marysville blends together the simple beauty of nature with a dash of human passion and imagination to make for a magical rainforest environment. Featuring over 100 magnificent and fantastical sculptures created by talented artist Bruno Torfs, the characters that make up the artwork are as diverse as the many faces of the world's inhabitants, conveying a different sense of emotion or expression that makes each individual sculpture a delight to stumble upon - happiness, sadness, mischief and contemplation are all portrayed expertly. The assortment of nature that engulfs the artwork adds further magic to the experience, as the lush forest surrounds coupled with flowing water and a number of different species of flowering blooms such as azaleas, camellias and more add to the fairytale-like atmosphere. Strolling through these gardens is enough to make one feel a world away, and its uniqueness in a location near such a small town makes Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden one of the state's more distinctive attractions, with the small entry fee being well worth the price of admission.

#77 - Visit Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Where is it? Merri St, Warrnambool, VIC

Seafaring and maritime practices played a large part in both the discovery and founding of many current locations along the Great Ocean Road, and those wanting to immerse themselves in this heritage can pay a visit to Flagstaff Hill - a frozen-in-time village containing stores, workshops, tearooms and other 1870's-era appropriate buildings. Strolling along its cobblestone paths, you'll pass the various shops and stores and reach an old port where period-specific vessels both large and small are moored; one of which can be boarded and explored. This cultural heritage centre aims to present aspects of the maritime origins of the region in an educational and interesting way, with both movies detailing firsthand accounts of ship construction and piloting, as well as volunteer guides who provide further insight into a period where early settlers faced a range of struggles both on the ocean and land. Soak in the history, enjoy a tasty meal, and be sure to stay around for the impressive laser show that starts at 8:30pm and details the story of the region's Loch Ard shipwreck. Image credit: Rob Blackburn via Tourism Victoria

#76 - Get an inside look at the Victoria Police Museum

Where is it? 637 Flinders St, Docklands, VIC

One of Melbourne's best bang-for-the-buck attractions - a gold coin donation is all that's required to get in - brings visitors face to face with an in-depth look at the state of Victoria's criminal history dating all the way back from the era of Ned Kelly up to the present day. The Victoria Police Museum is small, but still does a great job of providing a staggeringly in-depth range of crime-oriented information while still keeping things as accessible and somewhat hands-on as possible; there are chances to try your hand at either sampling physical items (kids can dress up, or try on and feel the weight of metal armour, or don a pair of "beer goggles" that simulate the eyes of a drunk!) or simply absorbing the extensive curation. The museum also contains a number of moving displays in tribute to police officers who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, as well as a gift shop with a number of unique items available for purchase. In all, it's especially a great time-sensitive school holiday activity in Melbourne.

#75 - Relax at The Mineral Spa Hepburn Springs

Where is it? 124 Main Rd, Hepburn Springs, VIC

This little haven of relaxation and pampering in Victoria's Macedon Ranges is a private and intimate location that intermingles green-garden surrounds, friendly and attentive service, and the song of birdlife to create an especially tranquil getaway. Featuring a variety of different mineral baths, saunas, spas and treatments, the Mineral Spa is more personal than large, with an emphasis on smaller bathing areas leading to less crowds and a more relaxing atmosphere as a result. While it's a spot that's obviously conducive to romantic escapes, individual travellers who are looking to untie muscular knots or treat sports-related aches will be able to benefit from treatments here as well, as the likes of deep tissue massages and mineral cocoons are aimed at holistic healing and treatment. Overall, however, this is a quiet spot that couples are most likely to enjoy on special occasions, with the added benefit of an additional layer of peace due to a "no kids allowed" policy.

#74 - Do the Maits Rest Rainforest Walk

Where is it?Cape Otway (near Apollo Bay), Great Ocean Rd, VIC

The giant, towering Mountain Ash trees of the Great Otway National Park form the backdrop for this gorgeous boardwalk that winds its way through sections of lush rainforest, and does an excellent job of showcasing the blend of nature that makes the Otways one of Victoria's true natural treasures. Spanning an easily-navigable 800m, the boardwalk is well-maintained and provides a clear path from which to witness this delicate and beautiful ecosystem that contains some of the region's oldest trees, as well as innumerable ferns, bubbling streams, and a diversity of native wildlife. Bird life in particular is dense in the national park, and their calls add an additional layer of tranquility to the proceedings; if you're in the region and wanting to feel truly "at one" with nature, then there are few better spots to do so. Located close to Apollo Bay, the lush beauty of the Maits Rest walk makes for a refreshing change of pace from the picturesque yet slightly repetitive coastal Great Ocean Road scenery and can be done in an hour (return) when walked at a leisurely place.

#73 - Take the Queenscliff - Sorrento Ferry

Where is it? Esplanade, Sorrento, VIC

Much more than just a convenient form of transport between the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, the ferry operated by SeaRoad that bridges the two ports of Queenscliff and Sorrento is an attraction unto itself, taking riders on a voyage that showcases the beautiful coastal scenery of this part of Victoria. While it's best experienced on sunny days, this ocean passage provides a calm journey that offers ample opportunity to take in a variety of things to see along the way, and large ferry offers plenty of viewing space from which to take in a clear view while outside on deck. During the roughly 40 minute trip, you'll pass by highlights such as Port Nepean, the surrounding peninsula, and even have the possibility of spotting dolphins on clearer days. The ferry offers an efficient boarding process for both people and vehicles alike, and is even dog-friendly for those who are bringing their furry companions along for the ride. Comfortable seats and other thoughtful additions such as mobile charging stations on board round out the offerings, and make for one of the most pleasant ways to navigate this part of the state. Image credit: Searoad Ferries via Tourism Victoria

#72 - Witness the tumbling Steavenson Falls

Where is it? Fall Road, Marysville, VIC

This relatively unknown yet visually stunning waterfall in the Marysville region is a spectacular display of the pure beauty of nature, and one that has been augmented by recent efforts by local authorities to make the falls even more accessible to visitors. Recently upgraded after bushfires hit the area in force, the paths and their associated viewing platforms both provide up-close views of the cascading waters as well as being easy enough that all fitness levels can make the ascent to the top (takes around half an hour at a leisurely pace). It's not necessary to climb to the top of Steavenson Falls to appreciate their beauty, however, as the solid infrastructure of the main observation area at the base provides a wonderful outlook directly at the water. All of this is surrounded by an area that's a lovely example of landscaping and is even more impressive at night, as lighting - including spotlights shining on the falls - showcases the phenomenon in an entirely different way.

#71 - Dive with sharks at Melbourne Aquarium

Where is it? King Street & Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC


Looking to tick off one of life's more nerve-wracking bucket list items but not wanting to travel to some far-flung part of Victoria in order to do so? SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium in the heart of Melbourne city offers the chance to do just that, providing a safe yet still visually impressive environment along with friendly and encouraging staff that are used to dealing with apprehensive first-timers. Participants can get up close with these often-misunderstood ocean predators in an experience that is both entertaining and educational; once equipped with scuba gear and submerged under the water, the sleek and efficient beauty of the sharks becomes even more apparent. The other marine creatures in the tank are impressive as well, as massive rays that travel gracefully through the water, sea turtles and their slow yet purposeful glide, and a range of colourful fish of various species round out the spectacle. While it's mainly suited for those new to diving, experienced divers can also benefit from a reduced price by showing their open water licence - a nice touch.

Victoria MapVictoria may be Australia’s second-smallest state, however it’s also one of the most densely packed territories in Oz as far as depth and breadth of experiences are concerned; the state boasts immense variety and blends together wonderfully the coastal, verdant, cosmopolitan and architectural all together into an easily navigable package that’s a joy to explore.

Its relatively compact size means that travellers to Victoria can take in a wide array of visual and gastronomic delights within a relatively short timeframe, and while many may choose to initially use lovely capital Melbourne as a base for exploration, there are also plenty of more options for custom adventures that reveal some of the state’s more hidden delights.

All the character and artistry of Melbourne – one of the world’s most liveable cities and a true culinary and sporting hotbed – are an obvious drawcard, and numerous items on this Victoria bucket list can be found within and just outside the city’s limits. However stepping outside its borders soon reveals that the state is no mere one-trick-pony; heading in all of north, east and west will provide an impressive showcase of the experiences that make Victoria great.

Want to indulge the palate with quality wine and delicious produce? Go for it. After an incredible scenic road trip that ranks amongst the best in the world? Start your engines. A culture and history buff who wants to soak in Aussie and international attractions? Check.

The diversity that Victoria has to offer is reflected in its people, food, scenery and culture – and on this bucket list we hand-pick the 100 that we feel best sums the state up best.

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