The Ultimate Victoria Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Australia’s state of Victoria unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#20 - Hit the slopes at Mt. Buller

Where is it? Mt Buller, VIC


Those looking for a dose of snow-related entertainment during the colder months won't have to travel ridiculously long distances from Melbourne to do so, as the snowfields of Mt. Buller are reachable in a roughly 3 hour drive from Victoria's capital. While it lacks the raw altitude of some other nearby ski areas, Mt. Buller more than makes up for this by offering a quality across-the-board experience in terms of terrain, facilities, dining options and family-friendly activities for kids to take part in.

The mountain also offers a range of great slopes with runs to suit every level of skier and snowboarder from beginners through to the advanced. This is aided greatly by a comprehensive smattering of chairlifts which service the mountain, meaning wait times are seldom frustratingly long to get back up for another run. Capping things off is the beautiful alpine village itself that, when combined with its surrounding scenery, more than justifies the not-insignificant investment of a snow holiday here. Our tip: if possible, try visiting Mt. Buller during the week rather than on weekends to avoid battling the crowds.

#19 - Horse ride the beach at the Mornington Peninsula

Where is it? 150 Sandy Rd, Fingal, VIC


The long, sandy stretches of beach on the Mornington Peninsula make for the perfect venues for a waterfront horse ride, with St. Andrews Beach being the focal point for horse riding tours conducted by operator Gunnamatta Trail Rides. Suitable for both beginners and more advanced riders, the beach horse ride follows a course crossing over rolling sand dunes and down onto the beautiful beach proper where the true fun begins.

The horses periodically make their way through ocean water, which couples with the lovely coastal backdrop to make for an excellent horse-riding locale. Horses are matched with their riders based on ability level, but are nonetheless obedient and well-cared-for across the board; first-time riders will be amazed at just how responsive these intelligent creatures are. More experienced riders can have the option to splinter off from the main group and take part in a high-speed canter along the beachfront; however regardless of your horse riding background, it's a beautiful and peaceful location to enjoy one of the world's oldest forms of transport.

#18 - Drink at a Rooftop Bar

Where is it? Various locations, Melbourne CBD, VIC

What's better than enjoying an ice-cold boutique beer? Why, enjoying one while overlooking one of the world's most liveable cities, of course. Melbourne is home to a number of excellent rooftop bars that allow patrons to enjoy a drop of the good stuff while taking in various viewpoints of the city skyline, Yarra River, and various other local highlights, with each of them bringing something slightly different to the table. Looking to enjoy some tasty tapas to go along with your amber? Try Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop.

Want a fantasy-influenced bar with a great view and an impressive take on cocktails? Give Goldilocks a go. Want an alternative, no-frills bar and lounge with optional dining? Head to Naked for Satan's Naked in the Sky. Perhaps the most iconic of all and something of a symbol of Melbourne's summer is the Rooftop Cinema that combines two of the best things about summer - drinking and warmth - with a great atmosphere for watching a film. While many of the rooftop bars are typically only open during the warmer months of the year (December to April is the usual baseline), they make for a refreshing break from your standard watering hole experience. Image credit: Roberto Seba via Tourism Victoria

#17 - Relax on St Kilda Beach

Where is it? St Kilda, Port Phillip, VIC

This picturesque part of Port Phillip Bay has undergone significant transformation over the years as efforts from local authorities have striven to clean up its image to make for an atmosphere that's as pleasant as the natural outlook of the beach itself. As Melbourne's most famous beach, St. Kilda is a go-to spot for Melbournians and travellers from abroad in the city looking to enjoy sunny days, and the continuing addition of modern developments that include upmarket apartments, restaurants and cafes have added plenty of options to enjoy its surrounding areas as well.

The beach is highly accessible via public transport from most parts of central Melbourne, and features surprisingly nice, clean sand - particularly considering its overall popularity and the quantity of visitors it receives. The beach's signature pier that stretches out into the water makes for a lovely walk when the weather is warm, while seaside activities such as windsurfing, jet-skiing and volleyball are all popular ways to pass the time. While it's far from Australia's most stunning beach, it's a functional, scenic and enjoyable stretch of sand that's culturally significant and worth spending a day at for any visitor to Melbourne.Image credit: Roberto Seba via Tourism Victoria

#16 - Dine at the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Where is it? Corner Normanby Road & Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, VIC


This unique combined hybrid of sightseeing and dining is one of Melbourne's most popular experiences, taking one of the city's most iconic objects and adding a touch of old-world charm to the proceedings. One of the first dining experiences of its kind in the world, the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant offers guests the chance to enjoy a quality meal on board one of the charming and quirky trams that continually circle Melbourne.

Decked out with a sleek colonial theme, dining here is akin to stepping back in time to the Victorian era to an interior flush with velvet seats, brass fittings and a liberal use of crisp linen both covering and adorning the tables. Service here is top-notch and conducted with enthusiasm - particularly given the visitor volume the venue sees - and the food is likewise of a surprisingly high quality despite the necessarily limited menu. Many of the city's major highlights are covered on the route from the city to St. Kilda, and with lunch and dinner options available there's no better way to eat-and-view Melbourne's best; just be sure to book well in advance!</p

#15 - Luck & entertainment at the Crown Resort complex

Where is it? 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, VIC

In Melbourne and looking to test your luck? Thinking of combining dinner and a show into an evening of entertainment? Or are you simply wishing to enjoy a wonderful waterfront atmosphere? The Crown Resort complex perched alongside the river at Southbank delivers each of these and more, serving as a comprehensive, self-contained hub for various activities of both the day and night.

Famed for its Gas Brigade "fireballs" that periodically shoot into the night sky, variety is the name of the game here, with enough entertainment options - including upmarket dining, gambling, shopping, moviegoing and more - to serve as a base for a solid night (or multi-night) adventure in Melbourne. Mixing together the glamour of old-style casinos but with modern influences and a wonderful outlook of the city skyline, both punters and others alike can enjoy Crown's many offerings.

#14 - Admire St Paul's Cathedral

Where is it? Flinders Ln & Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC

Despite its modern and cosmopolitan reputation, Melbourne is home to numerous examples of impressive older architecture, with the centrally-located St. Paul's Cathedral being one of the most striking. A stunning building constructed in typical Gothic style, the cathedral sits just across the road from major Melbourne hub of Flinders Street Station and serves as a wonderful part of the city's skyline. Constructed back in 1868 as a site of worship for members of the Catholic Archdiocese faith, the cathedral is both large and very well maintained, with a glorious interior that is mesmerising in its handcrafted beauty.

One does not need to be religious to appreciate the craftsmanship on display here, as the lovingly crafted wooden pews and pylons and the beautiful stained glass windows that adorn the walls are objectively picturesque. This is a historic monument with immaculate gardens located in the rear, and provides a spiritual, relaxing and visually impressive escape from the hustle and bustle of the city - as well as welcome (and free) relief from the heat on a hot Summer day.

#13 - Shop at the Queen Victoria Market

Where is it? Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC

Those with a need for knick-knacks will be in their element with a visit to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Markets, a bustling outdoor hub with an item, souvenir or meal to suit every taste, and a true showcase of the city's ethnic diversity. This is the literal "Queen" of all markets and the vibrant, exciting mix of cultures of Melbourne can be discovered here, with a variety of foods and other goods from all corners of the Earth on offer.

The markets also serve as a great place for breakfast or lunch, and you’ll likely be able to grab yourself a meal from some far-reaching country for an entirely reasonable price that makes for a nice change of pace from the typical “dine-in cafe” experience that is most popular in Melbourne. You don’t have to be a visitor to the city to enjoy the markets, either; local Melbournians love the market as it's a great place to pick up fresh fruit and groceries which you can stock up on if you are planning to stay in the city for several days. The Queen Victoria Markets operate on the Corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets, on Tuesday and Thursday (6am-2pm), Friday (6am-4pm), Saturday (6am-3pm), Sunday (9am-4pm) each week. Image credit: Mark Chew via Tourism Victoria

#12 - Watch a race at Flemington Racecourse

Where is it? 448 Epsom Rd, Flemington, VIC

The venue that plays host to the cliché-but-still-true "race that stops a nation" - the Melbourne Cup - as well as numerous other horse racing and general entertainment events throughout the year, Flemington Racecourse is an attraction steeped in history. Having been in use as a horse racing facility in some form dating all the way back to 1840, the track has seen some 154 Melbourne Cups as well as countless derbies, oaks, and stakes take place on its surface.

It's often said that the horses are only half of the attraction when visiting Flemington, however as on event days it's just as much of an attraction for the people-watching, as the beautiful and affluent go all-out adorning themselves in creative (and often bizarre) fashion choices that include flowing gowns, towering fascinators and various other interesting statements. Those wanting an insider's look at the course's history can take behind-the-scenes tours of the weigh-in rooms, jockeys area and a dedicated on-site museum. Image credit: Emily Fitzgerald via Tourism Victoria

#11 - Dine on Degraves Street

Where is it? Degraves Street, Melbourne, VIC

For those looking for a bite to eat in the city, this is easily the most famous street in Melbourne; the cobbled bluestone laneway is packed full of delicious eateries, bars and a smattering of boutique clothing stores. Degraves Street is a shining example of why Melbourne is often referred to as the most "European" of Australia's capitals, with the buzzing outdoor cafe atmosphere strongly reminiscent of a stroll through Paris or Florence and locals often decked out in Euro-style fashion to boot.

It's a laneway that's perpetually alive and vibrant all throughout the day, and offers plenty of choice in terms of eateries for breakfast, lunch or dinner with fare that ranges from baguettes, to hearty Italian meals, to typical cafe food including some of Melbourne's best Eggs Benedict. Coffee lovers in particular will soon consider Degraves Street their new favourite spot, with many of the cafes on this street dispensing fine examples of why the city is considered one of the world's "Coffee Capitals", and the options for a great cup of brew in this short and narrow laneway makes multiple return visits to find your own personal favourite a must. Situated right near Flinders Street Station, it's easily accessible, too.

Victoria MapVictoria may be Australia’s second-smallest state, however it’s also one of the most densely packed territories in Oz as far as depth and breadth of experiences are concerned; the state boasts immense variety and blends together wonderfully the coastal, verdant, cosmopolitan and architectural all together into an easily navigable package that’s a joy to explore.

Its relatively compact size means that travellers to Victoria can take in a wide array of visual and gastronomic delights within a relatively short timeframe, and while many may choose to initially use lovely capital Melbourne as a base for exploration, there are also plenty of more options for custom adventures that reveal some of the state’s more hidden delights.

All the character and artistry of Melbourne – one of the world’s most liveable cities and a true culinary and sporting hotbed – are an obvious drawcard, and numerous items on this Victoria bucket list can be found within and just outside the city’s limits. However stepping outside its borders soon reveals that the state is no mere one-trick-pony; heading in all of north, east and west will provide an impressive showcase of the experiences that make Victoria great.

Want to indulge the palate with quality wine and delicious produce? Go for it. After an incredible scenic road trip that ranks amongst the best in the world? Start your engines. A culture and history buff who wants to soak in Aussie and international attractions? Check.

The diversity that Victoria has to offer is reflected in its people, food, scenery and culture – and on this bucket list we hand-pick the 100 that we feel best sums the state up best.

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