The Ultimate Victoria Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Australia’s state of Victoria unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#100 - Picnic at Montsalvat

Where is it? 7 Hillcrest Ave, Eltham VIC

Established in 1934, this scenic and peaceful hub of picturesque buildings and lush gardens is home to a multitude of unique constructions and immaculate grounds reminiscent of Europe. Incorporating a range of artistic influences all spread out over a robust 12 acres of land, each of Montsalvat's buildings was designed and built by local residents using local materials. Their distinctive European style has also made them a popular hub for both tourists and event planners to take part in exhibitions, performances, and weddings, with the blend of architecture and relaxed surrounds offering great appeal. The grounds has long placed a strong emphasis on all things artistic throughout its history, and to this day serves as both home and display showcase for various artists to ply their trade - as well as provide art classes on a range of disciplines for those so inclined. The serene atmosphere, character-rich buildings and lush grounds make Montsalvat a wonderful spot for a picnic, too.

#99 - Indulge at the Butter Factory

Where is it? King Valley, VIC

NOTE: The Butter Factory has recently been relocated to the King Valley and will be open to the public by Easter 2016. More than just a mere producer of high-quality butter, Myrtleford's Butter Factory was a great little stop on the way to Falls Creek that takes the base ingredient of butter and improves, embellishes and creatively applies its use to create some truly delectable delights - as well as some hearty food incorporating fresh local produce. Part restaurant, part store, part factory and part attraction, the Butter Factory obviously specialises in the creation of various butters, however its lineup includes a number of original and gourmet types such as salted smoked butter, truffle butter, confit garlic butter and other highlights that can be sampled upon visiting, while various items on their standard menu also incorporate their spin on these butters to make for fuller and more robust flavours. Regardless of which taste you select, you'll find it hard to resort back to mass-produced supermarket butter brands after visiting! The factory also does a solid job of catering for those visiting with kids, offering both a friendly attitude and a toy basket to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy a coffee and/or a meal on your way further afield. Visit the Butter Factory to enjoy the food, watch butter being churned, or purchase a unique butter to take home and apply in your home cooking. Image credit: Peter Dunphy via Tourism Victoria

#98 - Sample the variety at Tea Leaves Australia

Where is it? 380 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras VIC

Combining the regional quirkiness of the Dandenong area with a mind-boggling array of tea varieties, Tea Leaves Australia at Sassafras is heaven for those who enjoy branching out with their herbal beverages. There are over 300 different types of tea to choose from in the quaint old-world, British-style storefront as well as a dizzying array of hand-crafted tea-related paraphernalia - including cute animal-shaped teapots & cups, and art-deco boxes - that conjure up imagery of ye olde England. Each of the teas on display has a "test jar" for you to sample the aroma and see if they match your desired persuasion, and some of the tea on offer ranges from the exotic (guava and strawberry) to the aromatic (jasmine and pear) to the somewhat bizarre (gunpowder). Tea-totalling has never been so much fun.

#97 - Splurge at Mornington Peninsula Chocolates

Where is it? 45 Cook St, Flinders VIC


Those with a sweet tooth who are exploring Victoria will be hard-pressed to find any better an outlet for their cravings than the excellent Mornington Peninsula Chocolates, which offers a staggering array of chocolatey goodness that's a delight for both the eyes and the tastebuds. The high quality of the chocolate is reflected in the presentation and attention to detail in making them look as good as they taste here, with chocolate's designs and shapes varied in terms of colouration and creativity of form - taking the shape of rabbits, cars, fish and various other designs. Flavours are likewise diverse and original, with some additions you'd never expect in the chocolate lineup - blood orange, earl grey, a pear/caramel hybrid and more - meaning you'll come away from a visit here with a new taste sensation regardless of how extensive your prior chocolate-tasting experience may be. This is an attraction where you'll want to take your time to sample the offerings rather than simply rush in-and-out to fully appreciate, and Mornington Peninsula Chocolates augments this with a charming little cafe that also offers incredible hot chocolate and cake - ideal for warming up on those cooler Mornington Peninsula days. For amazing, handcrafted chocolates, this is one of Australia's best attractions.

#96 - Bendigo Art Gallery

Where is it? 42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC

With a history dating back to 1887, and an extensive array of artwork that dates back far longer, the Bendigo Art Gallery is one of Australia’s most impressive art galleries and one of the country's most significant regional cultural attractions. This is a well-organised display in which visitors can experience an interesting mix of both historic and modern art; take a step back in time and witness some spectacular pieces from renowned Australian and European artists from the 19th century, or be inspired by some of the more contemporary pieces on show. The blend of artistry includes paintings, photography, sculpture and other alternative materials to make for a splendid degree of variety in its outstanding permanent collection. The Bendigo Art Gallery is small enough to be easily navigable but large enough to have a suitable depth of exhibits on offer; it's easy to while away several hours here. The gallery is also home to the renowned Bendigo Post Office Gallery – a former 1890’s post office turned art space. A true cultural gem that's well worth the roughly 2 hour trip from Melbourne. Image credit: Bendigo Tourism via Tourism Victoria

#95 - Admire the Gippsland Vehicle Collection

Where is it? 1 Maffra-Sale Rd, Maffra VIC

If you're an automotive enthusiast in or visiting Victoria, this extensive rotating display of vehicles of all forms should rank high on your sightseeing list. The collection of cars, bikes and various other transportation on display at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection is extensive in its scope, as is the wealth of information and curation on offer for visitors looking for a more detailed look at its contents. Featuring a massive warehouse containing a diverse range of pristine restored automobiles from both various locations and periods throughout history, the extent of the collection is a testament to the efforts of its volunteer enthusiasts who run and maintain the vehicles, and the rarity of some of its contents is quite surprising. Each of its exhibitions is conducted with a particular "theme" in mind (1960's, sports and coupes, Japanese vehicles, etc.) and thus its appeal with depend on your individual tastes, however displays at the museum housing the collection change every few months so that return visits are also worthwhile. The attention to detail, passion of the staff, and quality of the vehicles means that even those without a particular interest in cars will enjoy spending an hour here.

#94 - Interact with animals at Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary

Where is it? 550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale VIC


Located at the northern end of the Mornington Peninsula, this excellent privately-owned wildlife park provides visitors with the chance to get far more "up close and personal" with its animal residents than the average zoo, with an emphasis on interaction that both adults and kids will love. Moonlit Sanctuary features a comprehensive showcase of Australian wildlife in particular, with an eye towards conservation and educating its visitors on both the character and fragility of some of these cuddly Aussie species. For overseas visitors, this is one of Victoria's best attractions for getting a true-to-life depiction of Australian animals, with all the favourites such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and Tasmanian Devils here to encounter. Other, rarer species such as Bettongs, Squirrel Gliders, Quolls and more also call the sanctuary home, and with enclosures designed to maximise both animal freedom and viewing ability you'll be able to see their distinctive forms from a close perspective. While it may lack the scope of exotic creatures that some other Victorian zoos possess, Moonlit Sanctuary is your go-to attraction for Aussie animal encounters that makes it one of the state's top spots for those with children.

#93 - Take a Tiger Moth World Flight

Where is it? 325 Blackgate Rd, Torquay VIC

The Great Ocean Road area of the Victorian coastline is impressive enough to witness on foot, but those with a slightly more daring disposition can take things one step further by hopping inside a World War 2-era biplane and soaring above this iconic part of Australia. Seeing this dramatic geographical region from 1000 feet above the ground grants an entirely new perspective on the sheer scale of icons such as Bells Beach and the 12 Apostles, and the panorama on offer is simply breathtaking while the aircraft themselves hark back to a simpler day of aerial travel. Those looking to add a dash of adrenaline to the proceedings can also take part in some dizzying aerobatics that may churn the stomach but bring along with them a sense of unadultered exhilaration. Tiger Moth World operates out of the coastal town of Torquay by truly friendly and enthusiastic staff, so if you're in the region don't hesitate to embrace your inner aviator and hit the skies.

#92 - Ghost tours at Williamstown

Where is it? Williamsatown, VIC


This historic section of "Old Melbourne" - once considered as the spot to be used for the state's capital - is ripe with a history that's both interesting and tumultuous, having seen both significant architectural construction and a smattering of criminal activity. As a historic port that served as a hub for a variety of misanthropes including convicts, prostitutes, and various other shady types, the background of Williamstown contains numerous intriguing stories and is said to be hone of the top sites in Australia for paranormal activity. Regardless of if you're a believer or a sceptic, ghost tours of Williamstown offered by Lantern Ghost Tours serve as a fascinating insight into the buildings, alleys and other spots of interest where events of significance have occurred. Even for the steely-stomached, the sheer age of the buildings is enough to provoke sensations of the otherworldly, and entertaining guides who play the part both ply you with information on the region's background as well as immerse you in the seedy atmosphere of the area's past. Above all, it's an interesting, insider's look at a part of Melbourne that doesn't receive enough credit for its potential for intrigue.

#91 - Visit the Ned Kelly Museum

Where is it? 35 Gladstone St, Glenrowan, VIC

One of Australia's most renowned historic figures, Ned Kelly is both a symbol of the Aussie spirit of freedom as well as a notorious armed robber who experienced his final standoff at the Victorian town of Glenrowan before being captured by police. It's appropriate, then, that Glenrowan in the modern day also serves as home to a wonderful attraction dedicated to chronicling both Kelly's life and the Australian frontier period in which he lived - the Ned Kelly Museum, which contains all the information one could want on both Kelly and his gang. The museum's walls are adorned with numerous educational pieces and snippets detailing events of the time, and sit alongside a lovingly-recreated cottage aiming to replicate the Kelly Homestead that includes some actual items donated by the Kelly family. A blacksmith and stables add to the era-accurate atmosphere, and as such it's easy to become immersed in - and realise the stark difference of - the bare-bones living conditions of rural 1800's Australians. A must-visit for history buffs that kids can take something away from as well. Image credit: Ken Stepnell via Tourism Victoria

Victoria MapVictoria may be Australia’s second-smallest state, however it’s also one of the most densely packed territories in Oz as far as depth and breadth of experiences are concerned; the state boasts immense variety and blends together wonderfully the coastal, verdant, cosmopolitan and architectural all together into an easily navigable package that’s a joy to explore.

Its relatively compact size means that travellers to Victoria can take in a wide array of visual and gastronomic delights within a relatively short timeframe, and while many may choose to initially use lovely capital Melbourne as a base for exploration, there are also plenty of more options for custom adventures that reveal some of the state’s more hidden delights.

All the character and artistry of Melbourne – one of the world’s most liveable cities and a true culinary and sporting hotbed – are an obvious drawcard, and numerous items on this Victoria bucket list can be found within and just outside the city’s limits. However stepping outside its borders soon reveals that the state is no mere one-trick-pony; heading in all of north, east and west will provide an impressive showcase of the experiences that make Victoria great.

Want to indulge the palate with quality wine and delicious produce? Go for it. After an incredible scenic road trip that ranks amongst the best in the world? Start your engines. A culture and history buff who wants to soak in Aussie and international attractions? Check.

The diversity that Victoria has to offer is reflected in its people, food, scenery and culture – and on this bucket list we hand-pick the 100 that we feel best sums the state up best.

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