Upcoming Event: Sydney Serbian Festival

Upcoming Event: Sydney Serbian Festival

If you enjoy delicious food, entertaining music or the chance to have a bit of a boogie, then Sydney’s upcoming Serbian Festival is an event you’ll want at least one or two exclamation marks next to on your 2018 calendar.

Now entering it’s sixth installment, the festival is a celebration of all things Serbian. From hearty servings of ćevapi, burek, and street burgers to an endless supply of sweets, the event is gauranteed to fill bellies and delight taste-buds for a full weekend of Serbian goodness.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s world famous Darling Harbour, the event takes place on the 10th and 11th of February and will be making the most of some predictably hot summer days throughout the region.

The event also offers the wonderfully unique opportunity to try various Serbian beverages, such as Limunana; a drink with a recipe so secret it would give the Kernal’s 11 herbs and spices a run for their money.

Beyond its elaborate array of food and drink, the event also features both traditional and modern music complimenting a number of live performances that run ’till dawn. Over two short days, the Serbian Festival Sydney will have you joining hands with your fellow festival goers, forming huge circles and dancing kolo! With the country’s national dance high on the agenda from start to finish.

So do some stretches, dust off your dancing shoes, and make your way down to this FREE event during the second weekend of February for an unforgettable experience in Sydney!

More Information

  • Location: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour
  • Dates: 10th & 11th of February
  • Website: serbianfestival.com.au
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