Ayers Rock

Northern Territory

Located almost directly in the centre of the Australian continent, Uluru has an ancient and mystic presence that leaves every visitor in awe due to its combination of sheer scale and raw isolation.

Australia Ayers Rock Uluru Map

Here you will encounter evidence of an ancient civilisation by visiting sites that feature ancient rock art and you can learn about its significance to the indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia.

Uluru can be experienced in a variety of ways; while walking the base tends to be the most popular method, soaring over the landscape aboard a helicopter can be even more breathtaking, while no trip to Uluru is complete without hopping astride a camel for a ride with the rock in the distance.

Uluru itself is not the only highlight that can be found in the nearby area – relatively short journeys will let you experience other epic and visually stunning Aussie outback icons.

Other must-see sights worth mentioning include The Olgas/Kata Tjuta, the sweeping gorge of Kings Canyon, and the rugged, gap-filled mountains of the MacDonnell Ranges – each of which offers its own unique spectacle and reflection of Red Centre character.

There’s a variety of reasons why Uluru has become a world-famous symbol of Australia as a whole – yet one that cannot be fully appreciated without seeing the giant monolith in person. To get the most out of your journey to Uluru, our detailed guides below highlight such popular topics as the top things to do in the area, the best time of year to visit, and much more.

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