Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb Review

Brisbane is a beautiful city to explore but when Experience Oz was given the chance to see it from 74 metres up, we jumped at the chance! Recently, I was lucky enough to join Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb on their popular twilight climb to the peak of the bridge for sweeping views over the region.

Our climb was scheduled to begin at 4:40pm, which meant we would be climbing as the sun went down and the city lights shone brightly. Upon checking in, signing all necessary forms and waiting for all parties to arrive, we were ushered in to the briefing room. It was here that we were breathalysed (climbers must be under 0.05 to participate), checked off the list and handed our climbing suits before watching a short safety video about what we can and can’t take on the climb. Our climb leader Courtney was as eager and excited to get this adventure started as we were so we were moved upstairs to get kitted up.

No loose or personal belongings are permitted on the climb so we had to place everything in a secure locker. Climbers aren’t allowed to wear watches, dangly earrings, bracelets, bobby pins or anything else of the sort so it was important we placed everything in the lockers provided. After a quick check with a metal detector and the offering of stylish accessories including a SBAC hat, sunglasses connector and handkerchief – I donned the SBAC hat clipped to my suit. From here we were led back downstairs to get fitted into our harnesses. Tightening them on our waists and clipping the connector to our belt we were then off to climb the bridge.

The excitement was buzzing as we walked towards to stairs and couples and families in the group joked about their nerves and their excitement of climbing to the top. Our climb group was made up of a variety of ages from younger kids to grandparents and our leader Courtney, explained how there’s no need to rush and that we can take the climb at our own pace.

After jiggling our connectors and harness a few times to get over the bumps in the zip line, we soon had the hang of it and were en route to climbing to the top. As we stepped onto the first steps and looked up, the journey to the top looked incredibly daunting. What looked like an almost vertical climb brought out some nervous laughs and jokes about not making it, but we were all determined.

Our first steps into the open air were simply incredible with the views captivating the group – and we weren’t even that high up just yet. We continued climbing and the view just kept improving with the more height we gained.

Image: Story Bridge Adventure Climb

By the time we reached the top – a little exhausted mind you – we were treated to spectacular, 360 degree views of beautiful Brisbane. Looking over the Brisbane River and Kangaroo Point, out to New Farm Park, Mount Gravatt and the Botanical Gardens this was a view that was well worth the effort. Courtney took the time to point out some of the local landmarks and regions as well as some fun facts, which, as a local, I was intrigued by, before snapping a photo of our group with the setting sun behind us.


Continuing forward we descended down the eastern side of the bridge to the connecting platform at the lowest point. It was here that we stopped for another group shot before climbing back up the western side to conclude our climb. As we were ascending back up the lights of the bridge came on illuminating the bridge in a gorgeous blue and yellow combination, which acted as a great background for our individual shots. One by one, group by group we were snapped on the bridge to commemorate this incredible experience which one of only three of its kind in the world.

As we enjoyed one last look around the Brisbane region, taking in a view that’s reserved for the birds of the city it was easy to realise how incredible this city is. An impressive mix of parks, concrete and river seeing Brisbane from this perspective is an experience I would recommend to all, including those complacent locals (like me).

Once we had our feet planted firmly on the ground we were able to successfully say we climbed the Story Bridge and the 1138 stairs that come with it. Though we would be feeling it tomorrow the excitement we experienced atop the bridge and the amazing views make it all worth it. Though this might come across as a typical ‘tourist’ experience, it’s apparent that locals who have lived in Brisbane for years will still appreciate and enjoy this incredible adventure. Overall, this the Story Bridge Twilight Climb was an experience I won’t forget and is something that comes highly recommended.

What to wear:

  • Rubber soled shoes (sneakers/joggers)
  • Comfortable climbing attire (active wear)

What NOT to wear:

  • Thongs, sandals or no shoes
  • Uncomfortable clothing
  • Jewellery ie. bracelets, watches, anklets, hoop/dangly earrings (studs/sleepers allowed), rings (allowed but advised not to)

Climbing Info:

  • No loose or personal belongings allowed
  • Children under 10 can’t climb
  • Climbers must be over 130cm and weigh less than 130kg
  • No climbing experience is necessary
  • Climbs operate in all weather conditions, even rain
  • Late climbers won’t be accepted, arrive 15 minutes prior to your climb time
  • Secure lockers available to hold your belongings
  • All climbers are required to wear a climb suit
  • Hats, sunglass lanyards, handkerchiefs and iPods with commentary available
  • Commentary in English and Chinese

Climb the Story Bridge for yourself with one of their dawn, morning, day, twilight or evening climbs.

In addition, if you’re looking for things to see and do in Brisbane check out our full catalogue for a range of tours, attractions and activities for all ages to enjoy.

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