Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb Review

Brisbane is a beautiful city to explore but when Experience Oz was given the chance to see it from 74 metres up, we jumped at the chance! Recently, I was lucky enough to join Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb on their popular twilight climb to the peak of the bridge for sweeping views over the region.

Our climb was scheduled to begin at 4:40pm, which meant we would be climbing as the sun went down and the city lights shone brightly. Upon checking in, signing all necessary forms and waiting for all parties to arrive, we were ushered in to the briefing room. It was here that we were breathalysed (climbers must be under 0.05 to participate), checked off the list and handed our climbing suits before watching a short safety video about what we can and can’t take on the climb. Our climb leader Courtney was as eager and excited to get this adventure started as we were so we were moved upstairs to get kitted up.

No loose or personal belongings are permitted on the climb so we had to place everything in a secure locker. Climbers aren’t allowed to wear watches, dangly earrings, bracelets, bobby pins or anything else of the sort so it was important we placed everything in the lockers provided. After a quick check with a metal detector and the offering of stylish accessories including a SBAC hat, sunglasses connector and handkerchief – I donned the SBAC hat clipped to my suit. From here we were led back downstairs to get fitted into our harnesses. Tightening them on our waists and clipping the connector to our belt we were then off to climb the bridge.