The Pink Flamingo’s inaugural ‘SUAVE’ show features sexy cabaret singers, jaw-dropping aerialists and choreographed acts that’ll take your breath away. Think feather boas, corsets and floor to ceiling pink decor. It’s a touch of Moulin Rouge right on the shores of the Gold Coast and the classy venue and evening show are here to stay.

Set in a luxurious 1920’s Art Deco style club in Broadbeach, revellers should prepare to be blown away by the brand new ‘Spiegelclub’ venue. You are in for a flocking fabulous evening darlings so dress to the nines and get ready for an unforgettable night out that is unapologetically cheeky and strictly adults only.

How to get there:

Corner of Surf Parade and Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach

By Car: There is no parking on site. The closest secure parking you’ll find is at The Oasis Shopping Centre or street parking if you are lucky. Prices start from $6.

By Public Transport: The closest tram station is Broadbeach North. The venue is a 2 min walk from the station to Victoria Ave. As you pass the restaurants, turn left down the laneway to the entrance of the venue.

What you’ll do:

  • 2 hour show with an intermission at the famous Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub
  • Drinks can be purchased at the swanky venue but are not included in your ticket


  • Mind-blowing acrobatics that will leave you speechless
  • A cast of sexy cabaret performers from all corners of the globe
  • Table service at the touch of a button
  • Hilarious host and resident playboy bachelor Hugh G Leftnut
  • Impressive choreography and sexy soundtrack
  • Glamourous 1920’s Art Deco Spiegelclub

Roll up Roll Up

It’s 7 pm and the doors swing open at the brand new Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub in Broadbeach. As a brand new venue and evening show, we are filled with anticipation. In fact, our group is at the head of the line because we’re so keen. And it was worth the wait to be one of the first to enter the venue.

The Pink Flamingo Venue

The pink staircase and flamingo wallpaper leads us to the top of the staircase and the first reaction was ‘wow’. The venue has a feel of an old jazz club with the smoky atmosphere, mood lighting, plush velvet seating and metallic gold décor set around an intimate stage. If I could go back in time to attend a Great Gatsby party then this is what I would imagine it to be.

The team at Experience Oz were greeted and ushered to plush booth seating off to the side of the stage. Our waitress arrives explaining that with a touch of a button she can return to our table to take our drink orders. There is no drinks menu so you’ll need to have an idea of what you want to drink… and fingers crossed they stock it or make it. Drinks aren’t included so you can pay by pay pass on your credit or debit card without ever needing to leave your seat. It’s a nice modern touch and the service was excellent.

We had roughly half an hour to get acquainted in our beautiful surroundings before the show began.

Time to get the party started…

The lights dim slightly, the bass kicks in and it is time to get the party started. A cabaret act filled with male and female performers in sexy costumes kick off the show and set the tone for the evening.

Don’t worry if you aren’t seated by the stage for this act because everywhere you look around the venue you’ll find a performer making their way up to the stage. It’s a great way to greet everyone and make a good first impression.

The Pink Flamingo

Birdcages and aerial acts

The first aerial act is brought to the stage and for just a few moments the entire audience is completely still, silent and mesmerised by her performance.

From contortionists to acrobats

Acro-yoga is taken to a whole new level with performers who do a series of acrobatics with no props needed at all. The strength and ability of the human body is pushed to the absolute limit and again it’s clear from the audience’s applause and gasps that they have never seen anything like this before.

Silks not required

The Pink Flamingo

In a rather modern and masculine touch, a male performer can be seen flying through the air on some heavy duty chains. It makes a change from the silks that you may see performed in a cirque show and it is just as thrilling to watch.

Comedic acts

The mood of the show is constantly moving and each act seamlessly merges into the next without ever feeling out of place. From upbeat show-stopping choreography accompanied by a modern cabaret/pop soundtrack to tantalising sexy cabaret acts, comedy and even a little bit of cheeky but very tasteful burlesque. If you are sitting near the stage then you can expect some crowd participation at times also.

The Pink FlamingoThe splash zone

Who would have thought that a bathtub could be so fun? This act is the highlight of the entire show for me. I wouldn’t want to reveal too much of the surprise but a sexy aerial performance in and above the bathtub may see those in the first few rows getting a little splash or two. Photography is prohibited for most of the show so you’ll just have to come along and see it for yourself.

What to bring:

  • Your Experience Oz booking (e-voucher is fine)
  • Money for beverages

A few things to note:

Dress Code:
You’ll want to dress to nines for The Pink Flamingo. Inappropriate attire may see you denied admission to the venue.

18+ Venue:
The Pink Flamingo is strictly an adults only venue with a sexy show that is not suitable for young eyes.

No photography or filming is not permitted:
Unfortunately, photography and video are not permitted due to the element of danger for the performers involved but the show is so mesmerising you won’t want to miss a single moment anyway.

My recommendations:

The Pink Flamingo lives up to the hype of a world-class evening show with sexy cabaret performances and amazing cirque acts. There were countless times where I found myself saying ‘wow’ and that is definitely a sign of a good night. The venue alone is worth a visit with the flirty pink Art Deco club, mood lighting and atmosphere transforming you back to a sexy jazz club of days gone by.

There is nothing else quite like it on the Gold Coast and after the last show on Friday and Saturday night the venue turns into a club with roving performers. A word of warning though – arrive on time because if you are late then you may be forced to wait until the intermission to be allowed in.

Grab your feather boas and head to The Pink Flamingo with shows available from Wednesday to Saturday nights.



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