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Ready to explore the world but don’t have a companion? Many people will put off booking their dream adventure simply because their friends don’t share the dream, can’t afford to travel or watching the movie ‘Taken’ too many times has frightened them into travelling solo.

The initial thought of traveling alone might seem like a daunting experience but there are many advantages to being an intrepid traveller. You shouldn’t have to miss out on your dream holiday because of your fear or reluctant friends. Here are a few advantages to travelling solo.

Meet new people

Group travel and guided experiences can offset the isolation and create a social environment for you to broaden your horizons and enjoy new experiences. Often you will find that there will be other solo travellers there who are looking to meet like-minded people and guided day tours or solo travel can put you in contact with new cultures, religions and languages which you may not encountered if you were travelling with friends.


Image Credit- Becca Tapert

When you fly solo the entire holiday and what experiences you have are completely your choice. With a little bit of research and pre-planning by booking your experiences and accomodation ahead of time, solo travel can be the most liberating experience. No more dramas with your travel buddies about where to go and how to get there because you are the driver’s seat. Want to sleep in one day? Go for it? Want to hike a mountain? Strap on the your best walking boots. In need of a soul stirring adrenaline packed skydiving experience? Book it in!

Personal Growth

Travelling solo will give you plenty of time for reflection but the accomplishment can also teach you how to survive on your own. Inevitably, things can go wrong and throw travel plans into disarray but the situation represents a challenge and opportunity for personal growth. Very quickly you will learn how to develop or improve your problem solving, decision making and communication skills. You can let it ruin your holiday or roll with the punches and end up having a far better experience, meeting a new person or discovering a new landmark that you had not previously considered. Introverts may find the idea particularly painful but travelling solo is a great confidence booster too.

Explore personal passions

Image Credit- Hanjoung Choi

There are over 7 billion people on this planet and it highly unlikely that your friends will share the exact same passions as you. If they did then you probably wouldn’t be travelling solo in the first place. Relish this time to explore your own passions or dream experiences whether it is spending endless hours scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, screaming your lungs out on every adrenaline activity New Zealand has to offer, learning to blend your own wine in the Yarra Valley or improve your photography skills while hiking a mountain or trekking through a volcano. 

Kick start your solo travel adventure around Australia and New Zealand with a range of guided tours, attractions and unforgettable experiences to make your wanderlust adventure one to remember.



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