The Tasmania Bucket List

You haven’t truly “done” Tassie unless you’ve done these 100 experiences.

#80 - Yarns Artwork in Silk

Where is it? Deloraine, TAS

One of the more unique - and skilfully constructed - attractions in regional Tasmania, the Yarns Artwork in Silk display is only one of the drawcards on offer at the Visitor's Centre in Deloraine, but what a highlight it is. Remarkable in its level of detail and depiction of this portion of Tasmania, the display features four soft-sculptured panels that each detail a different season in the Deloraine and Meander Valley region done in a marvellous tableau of colours. Crafted by over 300 artists, the Yarns serve as a testament to the strong artistic bent of the region as a whole, while summing up various sights, constructions, events and nature that contribute to what makes this part of Tassie its own.

The Yarns are accompanied by a movie that provides informative commentary detailing such tidbits as the types of materials used, total number of hours of labour invested (over 10,000!), and various other factoids of the past and present. This is in addition to the educational museum in the complex, and a lovely garden that is also well worth visiting; an overall cheap entry fee covers the museum, tapestries, garden & folk village and combines to make for a perfect introduction for further travels. Simply put, this is THE essential first stop if you're in the region, as it will add an initial layer of context to what you'll see when exploring afterwards. An impressive, and beautiful, achievement. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar

#79 - Huon Jet Boating

Where is it? Huonville, TAS

If you're looking for a much faster way to get a sampling of the scenery and rushing waters of the Huon River than the standard drawn-out boat cruise, hopping aboard a high-speed jet boat and getting a dose of adrenaline alongside some great views is sure to do the trick. Huon Jet Boating operates out of Huonville around half an hour's drive from Hobart and offer fast-paced rides down the Huon, with the potential not only for sightseeing but taking part in the likes of 360 degree spins, power turns and brakes and plenty of other manoeuvres along the way. Run by wonderful, friendly hosts with an enjoyable sense of humour, the ride represents great value for money compared to other similar experiences and also includes commentary and insight into the local area and its history throughout.

There's something wonderful about skating across the surface of a crystal-clear river at high speeds, and it's all done with a strong eye towards safety; life jackets and an in-depth safety briefing are given for reassurance. Couple this with the guides knowing the layout of the river perfectly, and all it takes is holding on tight when instructed to enjoy without worry. Tours run multiple times per day, with riders given the option to bring their own camera (be careful!) or to purchase professionally-taken pictures from the operator. Free hot chocolates at the end are the cherry on the veritable high-speed sundae and a welcome way to warm up at the end, too. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Garry Moore

#78 - Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Where is it? Nabowla, TAS

Those who appreciate the colour purple and make the trek out to Nabowla will soon have their senses overwhelmed with one of the most sprawling collections of lavender fields and largest ranges of lavender-oriented products one is likely to every come across. Bridestow Lavender Estate presents the visitor with acres upon acres of gorgeous purple beauty, particularly during peak season (from December to January) before the majority of the lavender is harvested. Set out over 260 acres and encompassing a staggering 650,000 plants, it's a gorgeous attraction simply for photo opportunities when everything is in bloom, and the strong smell of lavender can be felt permeating the air before even entering its grounds.

As one might expect, it's a lovely place to stroll around and admire its views, however Bridestow Lavender Estate also doubles as a hybrid souvenir store/excellent cafe that smells amazing and offers a number of reasonably-priced meals and snacks. A number of lavender-oriented foods such as ice cream and scones which are tasty highlights make for a flavourful meal that will have your breath smelling distinctly refreshing. Those who love their aromatherapy, meanwhile, will enjoy browsing the numerous oils, fragrances and other goods available. The experience is rounded out with complimentary guided tours available after paying for entry that provide more insight into the fields, their harvesting, and the lavender production process. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy

#77 - Ride the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails

Where is it? Derby, TAS

A relatively recent addition to the world of off-road cycling, this collection of world class mountain biking circuits within the Tasmanian rainforest has quickly become widely regarded as up there with the best trails in Australia. Featuring a collection of excellent tracks ranging in difficulty from the lower-intermediate through to the truly challenging, the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails offer consistently superb scenery throughout while showcasing a great use of natural topography. Features such as boulders, creek beds and other added notables make for additional variety, and even the easier inner trails and those near the trail head are still great without having to go all the way in.

Tracks here are mostly flowing however there's still quite a bit of technical navigation mixed in, and more and more trails are being continually opened as time has passed since it all commenced in early 2015. The Derby Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre serves as the primary trail head (although there's not much in the way of more than basic facilities), while shuttles are also available to the top for those looking to skip the excess uphill climb and simply embrace the downhill rush. All up, it's some of the most fun that can be had on two wheels in the state of Tasmania for enthusiasts. Image credit: Flow Mountain Bike

#76 - Indulge at House of Anvers Chocolate Museum

Where is it? Latrobe, TAS

Those with a sweet tooth will find few better places in which to indulge throughout all of Tasmania than at the excellent House of Anvers Chocolate Museum situated between Devonport and Launceston. An attraction showcasing the talents of chocolate creation straight from that renowned worldwide hub of confection, Belgium, the House of Anvers is part store, part museum, and part cafe that encompasses the world of chocolate from the past to the present day in fine fashion. The obvious highlight is the chocolate itself, and it's of a universally high quality with an immense variety in types, colours and styles of chocolates from which to choose, whether it be the delectable truffles, rich dark chocolates, or creamy mixtures of fillings and milk/white hybrids. It's a quality tasting experience that those with an affinity for sweets will find to be to die for.

In addition to the simple joy of enjoying the chocolate's tastes, visitors can witness the chocolate-making process occurring through glass windows, browse some interesting historical advertising for chocolate products extending back a century, and enjoy some wonderful and freshly-prepared meals in its excellent cafe. The cafe is particularly outstanding, serving a variety of different chocolate and sweets-oriented dishes ranging from delectable waffles to smooth ice creams and much more. Add in the fact that House of Anvers is a spotlessly-kept establishment with very well-kept gardens and you've got an impressive all-round shrine to the art of Chocolate in its finest form. Image credit: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

#75 - Take a Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Where is it? Port Arthur, TAS


The historical aspects of the Port Arthur Historic site take on a whole new perspective when viewed at night, where tales of some of the more sordid actions of convict and warden alike are brought to life via curated "ghost tours". Combining both historical factoids with stories of the paranormal, participants will follow an experienced guide led by lantern through the grounds and hear of legends and historical occurrences that have taken place in the exact area you’re exploring at that moment. With more than 180 years worth of stories to draw upon, there's an immense amount of folklore that goes alongside the site's history; this is a different tour experience that follows the slogan, ‘day time – history; night time – mystery’.

Each of the individual buildings of the Port Arthur Historic Site has its own background and associated eerie tales to go along with it, with the light of the lantern helping to create a dimmed atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the guide's adept storytelling. Whether you're a skeptic or not, these tours prove enlightening for providing more context to some of the significant events that took place during the site's sometimes-tumultuous history and are fascinating in their own right. Bring your own torch - and a sense of adventure - along for the trip in order to get the most out of Port Arthur at night. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Jonathan Wherrett

#74 - The Corinna Wilderness Experience

Where is it? Corinna, TAS

Tiny, secluded, and utterly peaceful, the small settlement of Corinna serves as one of the most idyllic destinations within regional Tasmania for those looking to escape from everyday society without having to compromise on quality of accommodation or a lack of things to see and do. Historically a hub for mining but now having evolved into a wonderful eco-tourism focused escapist spot on the banks of the tranquil and glassy Pieman River, Corinna is situated amongst some remote rainforest wilderness and is largely encompassed by greenery. The town functions as the gateway to the expansive wonders of the Tarkine region - mentioned elsewhere on this list - and as such is a great launching point for further travels.

Staying here is done courtesy of some lovely eco accommodation, with cabins of a motif to reflect the original gold town that used to exist here. The overall lack of development at Corinna means that most of its activities are oriented around absorbing its natural offerings with a "leave only footprints" philosophy; exploring some great walking tracks, going for a leisurely canoe, or taking part in a charming river cruise combined with a walk through some ancient tree life. It's a part of Tasmania you'll likely visit temporarily, but want to stay for a lifetime. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

#73 - Navigate a Hedge Maze

Where is it? Glengarry & Promised Land, TAS

One of the quirkier features of Tasmania's attractions scene is the state's unusual abundance of hedge mazes; in many ways it's a reflection of the state's influences from the likes of Europe and England where these botanic exercises in entertainment are also popular. There are plenty of these to choose from during your Tasmanian travels, however two in particular stand out: Glengarry Bush Maze of Glengarry, and Tasmazia in Promised Land. Glengarry Bush Maze is almost as hidden as the end of the maze itself, as Glengarry is slightly off the beaten track; however arrive here and you'll be welcomed by a lovely setting amongst native Tasmanian bushland and greeted with a maze that's both well laid out and sufficiently challenging without being too difficult. The maze is augmented by a number of other kinds of entertainment such as puzzles, store with games and a lovely little cafe too.

As for Tasmazia, as far as the combination of uniqueness and quirkiness goes, it's hard to beat this excellent attraction that sits roughly 40 minutes south of Devonport or 1.5 hours west of Launceston. As you might have guessed from its name, Tasmazia is home to eight individual mazes of varying sizes and levels of complexity, but it's so much more than that; the entire complex is full of colour and kid-oriented mini-attractions that make for a variety of things to see and do all in the one location. It is, in a sense, almost like a mini-theme-park that's designed specifically with younger children in mind that doesn't rely on a single lick of technology to get its sense of good old-fashioned fun across. You can't go wrong with either one, and the kids will be ecstatic either way! Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

#72 - Trowunna Wildlife Park

Where is it? Mole Creek, TAS

This long-running wildlife park located just outside Mole Creek is not only a great hub for family entertainment, but serves as a highly conservation-focused sanctuary for birds and animals as well. Situated amongst a lovely, green environment of tall timber trees and grassy clearings that create a relaxed, immersive feel amongst nature, Trowunna Wildlife Park shows a very caring attitude throughout - both towards the animals themselves as well as guests paying a visit. The park runs several successful conservation programs for a number of different species, including strong efforts to help save the iconic Tasmanian Devil, while also serving as a haven for animals which have elected to stay after their rehabilitation.

Visitors here thus get a combined dose of animal interaction, enjoyable environmental education, and pleasant staff interaction that makes for an all-round wonderful visit. This is further augmented by the excellent and informative guided tours which take place three times daily (included in the price of admission) and which encourage interaction with the various animals including patting, feeing, and even holding depending on the species. The likes of kangaroos, wombats, quolls and many others can be found here, while there are several dedicated enclosures for Tasmanian Devils where visitors can watch them being fed as well. Animals running loose and free make for an organic and enjoyable wildlife attraction that never feels like a sterile zoo at Trowunna. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Trowunna Wildlife Park

#71 - Browse the Farm Gate Market

Where is it? Hobart, TAS

This excellent market feels like a long-running institution and has become one of Australia's top farmer's markets, yet has only been running since 2009 - a testament to its appeal to both locals and travellers from afar a alike. Serving as a thriving hub of food trade, producer to customer interaction, and simple freshness, Hobart's Farm Gate Market is now a staple activity on Sundays for many Hobart residents. The market is a showcase of Tasmania's strong reputation for all-things-produce, and shows off incredible variety in seasonal goods sold by its producers that takes pride in being "100% Tasmanian" across the board.

Everything you'll see while browsing here is locally-produced, organically-grown, or handcrafted, and there's a beautiful choice of foods covering the entire spectrum of meats, vegetables, poultry and other more creative staples. Nowadays with a visit to Farm Gate Markets, you'll have some 80 stores available for browsing, and there's plenty of chances to eat and drink while having a look as well. What helps make this market stand out is its universal quality; everything on sale is high-end, and the focus on connecting the producer directly with their clientele makes for a location where produce simply can't get any fresher. Taking place from 8:30am to 1:00pm each Sunday, foodies will want to make a spot on their itinerary to visit here. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Nick Osborne

Tasmania MapTasmania is a state that’s quite separate from the Aussie mainland – both literally and figuratively. Not only is it Australia’s only island state, but the majority of its environment and landscape convey the sense of being in another country altogether; one that blends together the best of both Europe and the United Kingdom into a single, pristine and largely untouched whole.

Tassie is the state of choice for those looking for an escape from the crowds without skimping on the sightseeing prospects – this is far from a land of overcommercialised theme parks and bustling harbours and is instead a destination where escapism and “stopping to smell the roses” is the name of the game.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that Tasmania is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in all of Australia; with a topography that often brings to mind the likes of Switzerland albeit with several dashes of characteristic Aussie beach beauty thrown in, your camera will get more than a mild workout when travelling around the Island State.

Much of the natural wonder on offer in Tasmania is summed up by its many National Parks, which rank amongst some of the most gorgeous in the country, and each of which has its own individual character and cavalcade of highlights. From the coastal beach beauty of Freycinet to the pristine water-and-mountain duo of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair, and the inland watery majesty of Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers to the accessible forest-and-waterfall panorama on offer within Mt. Field, the parks of Tasmania are reason enough alone to make the trek down south for several weeks.

It’s also a state that’s rich in history, having been one of the focal points of early European colonisation of Australia and home to many architectural remnants of that period that still remain in remarkably good condition to this day. From prisons to administrative buildings to everyday residences, Tasmania offers the traveller plenty of opportunities to step back in time for a day.

Add in the charming aspects of many of its regional towns and cities, as well as the vibrant seaside-and-mountain character of capital Hobart and its many intriguing attractions, its numerous epic walking tracks, and slices of coast on both sides that offer some ruggedly beautiful magic, and it’s clear that while Tasmania may be relatively small on size, it’s far from lacking in majesty.

In our Ultimate Tasmania Bucket List, we highlight 100 of the most essential experiences that we feel best sums up the diverse and incredible highlights of our Island State. While much of it will be known to locals, we hope to both inspire travellers from afar to visit wonderful Tassie while also hopefully encouraging residents to get out and explore the best of their own, lovely, backyard.

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