It’s probably no surprise that Sydney is on the top of the travel hit list, thanks to its stunning harbour, iconic architectural structures and city-meets-beach setting. But for locals who call this dynamic part of the world home, there are less obvious reasons why Australia’s largest city is worth loving and living in. We recently caught up with 9 Sydney based creators to discover what it is that makes Sydney so special, sharing with us their favourite spots and their must-do Sydney experiences. From skydiving to hot air ballooning, to capturing sunsets on the beach, Sydney has something on offer for everyone.

Read about what they have to say and love about Sydney. Check out their Instagram accounts and give them some love.

Amber @amber_mints

Amber Minto is a freelance landscape and travel photographer. Her goal is to capture and showcase the beauty of the natural environment and the landscapes that surround us.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Amber: My favourite thing to do in Sydney is taking a day trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains. Govetts Leap is a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise over the valley and the mountains. Then spend the rest of the day checking out the famous Three Sisters, Leura cascades and of course grabbing a bite to eat and a hot chocolate!

If you are in the city you can not go wrong watching the sunset over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from Mrs Macqauries Chair.

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Amber: I have always wanted to do a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Hunter Valley not only for the great photos but also the experience.

A helicopter ride over Sydney is also on the list as it would be amazing to see our gorgeous city from another point of view.

Lunch or dinner at the Sydney Tower 360 Revolving Bar and Dining would also be a fun experience!

Cassi @heycassitravel

Cassi is a travel bug based in Sydney, Australia. In 2015, She quit her 9-5 job to follow her dreams, travel and work which she really loves. Here Cassi’s aim is to inspire people to chase their dreams and sharing a bit of my lifestyle, showing that is totally possible to achieve your goals with love, focus and determination.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Cassi: What I like to do most in Sydney is to enjoy a new beach every weekend, is there anything better than this? Sydney still has truly hidden gems around and it is possible to enjoy from the busy beaches to the quiet paradises. You can always choose a new one depending on your mood. Coastal morning walks such as the Spit Bridge to Manly Walk, Coogee to Bondi and national park tour are always amazing for their natural beauty. Of course, all of these tours are always great following a brunch at some of the best cafes in Sydney.

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Cassi: There is so much to do in Sydney and surrounding areas that it’s hard to choose few but on top of my bucket list now are:

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Flight

Sydney Scenic Helicopter Flight

 Sydney Harbour Sailing Cruise

Anything else you would like us to know?

Cassi: My advice for anyone in Sydney is to enjoy every minute in a different place to see all the beauties around! Enjoy the Sydney Harbour area, visit as many beaches as you can, enjoy the surf culture and maybe do a surf class, go for a coastal walk, grab a coffee and eat a delicious brunch, go to the museums, go local, take gorgeous photos because I’m pretty sure you are going to miss your days as a tourist here!

Daniel @_danieltran_

Daniel is an Australian based travel, landscape and commercial photographer currently living in Sydney. He grew up in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour and was surrounded by beautiful landscapes along the east coast of Australia, which is where he developed a passion for adventure and photographing nature. After picking up the camera in 2011, Daniel was inspired by nature and capturing the moments he experiences through photographs.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Daniel: My favourite thing to do in Sydney is to get up early and head out to capture the sunrise. There are just so many amazing places in Sydney to explore from the beaches to the national parks, we really are spoilt for choice and I don’t think I could ever get bored photographing around Sydney.

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Daniel: On my Sydney Bucket List are:

Blue Mountains Helicopter Flight

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Hot Air Ballooning over Sydney

Elias @smilzhon

Elias Sera is a 29 years old Italian guy from a small town near the beautiful Venice. He really likes to travel around the world. Now Elias is based in Sydney. He’s a freelance creator content with a big passion for photos and videos, always looking for new places to discover.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Elias: There are definitely way too many things to do in Sydney! Absolutely love spending a day at Bondi Beach. I love to go to the highest point of the city and enjoy the views atop the Sydney Tower Eye. I suggest you visit the Taronga Zoo by ferry if you haven’t yet and have a relaxed afternoon waiting for the sunset at the Sydney Opera House!

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Elias: My top 3 bucket list experiences are to have a unique perspective of the city from a helicopter or seaplane. I also need to tick off flying over the Blue Mountains!

Joshua @joshbritton_

Joshua is a 21 year old hobbyist Photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He loves all types of photography from landscape to portraits, to fast action sports and cityscape photography. He is looking to move forward into the world of photography/videography and open his horizons to learn as much as he can from those around him.

JoshBrittonWhat is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Josh: My all time favourite thing to do in Sydney is waking up early for a sunrise, going on a sunrise mission adventure. There are WAY too many places to choose from and I can’t choose my favourite. But I would definitely say my two favourite places to go for sure would be the Blue Mountains or anywhere along the Northern Beaches – especially Freshwater and North Curl Curl!

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Josh: My top 3 experiences would have to include: Sky Diving 15,000 Ft in Newcastle – Because I’m obsessed with sky diving (even tho I’ve only done it once). But have been so excited to go again! So this would definitely be on my bucket list for Sydney!

Going on a 2 Day / 1 Night Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Adventure – I’ve always wanted to head up to the Hunter Valley for a weekend getaway and I’ve also always wanted to go on a Hot Air Balloon! So this would definitely be the ideal combo for me!! Especially on a weekend getaway! Plus, I really like wine!

Sydney Harbour Sunset Helicopter Flight – This one has caught my eye when flying in and out of Sydney on a plane I cannot fathom Sydney at dusk or dawn… Like seriously, if you want to be in awe head out to Sydney for sunrise or sunset & being above it all in a helicopter would just make it a jaw-dropping experience.

Mini @minielenarose

Mini is a Sydney based fashion influencer, juggling between full-time work in corporate, full-time mum to 2 little girls & of course, fashion blogging. She started blogging about 2 years ago, using IG as her main platform – she always had a passion for taking photos, especially of fashion, so she thought why not share my outfits with everyone? So Mini did!
Her days are pretty busy, if not working, Mini is busy looking after her kids – weekends she shoots her content & then spends the rest of the day with family – there’s never a dull moment.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Mini: My favourite thing to do in Sydney is going to VIVID. I look forward to it every year. The lighting displays, the culture, the people, the mood – it’s brilliant! It’s a good way to spend some fun times with your friends and family and the kids love it! However I also look forward to the food trucks that open up too, I loooove to indulge in some treats.

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Mini: My top 3 items on the bucket list would have to be:

Sydney Hot Air Ballooning

Lunch at Sydney Tower 360 Revolving Restaurant

Seaplane Flight over the Sydney Harbour with Seafood Lunch, yum!

Ross @travel_with_ross

Ross is a 25 year old Brit living in Sydney enjoying his drone photography while exploring the city and surroundings one bit at a time. One day he would love to move to Sydney on a permanent basis. Drone photography gives an incredible and different point of view from being on the ground with his camera. Ross is extremely keen on football (soccer) and currently playing for Dunbar Rovers FC in the Eastern Suburbs Football League.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Ross: Well my all time favourite thing to do is head down to the eastern beaches with my drone for sunrise and watch the wildlife from the cliffs at Bronte, this includes watching the bait ball (school of salmon) the Sting Ray, and the Seals. I also really enjoyed the Vivid Sydney festival and I know that it is fast approaching!

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Ross: There is one thing left on my bucket list in Sydney and that is to do the skydive, I would say that on my bucket list was also the Harbour Bridge Climb which I have done and it was amazing, and another thing I ticked off was the whale experience, getting to see the whales on their way back down the east coast was something very very special to me which I will never forget!

So those three things are my bucket list and I’m lucky enough to have only one left to tick off!

Sarah @sarahs_spoonful

Sarah is a Bondi-based law student and foodie with a passion for all things health and wellness. She moved to Sydney from Tasmania in 2016, so Sarah is still working her way through her Sydney bucket list and getting to know her city!


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Sarah: One of the things I love most about Sydney is that it’s so close to the water. I love getting out on the harbour or popping down the road to Bondi, my local, or catching up with friends for one of the stunning coastal walks.

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Sarah: My top three bucket list experiences are:

Visiting Taronga Zoo via Ferry

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Cruising the Sydney Harbour for the Vivid Festival

Zac @watzac

Zac is a professional travel based Photographer/Videographer from Sydney. He has spent the last 18 months travelling the world working with different tourism companies, hotels and athletes. Creating professional video, photo and creating social media specific content he has developed a proud portfolio. Zac has developed a personal creative way of storytelling through photos and videos focusing on travel and adventure, brand content and resort content creation.


What is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Zac: My favourite thing to do in Sydney is to catch a sunrise over one of the eastern suburbs beaches! Whether that is Bondi, Coogee or Bronte it is definitely something everyone should experience while in Sydney!

Which experiences are on the top of your bucket list?

Zac: A helicopter ride over Sydney is something I have always wanted to do! Skydiving is definitely on the list as well! To think you can fall from a plane and land safely is just incredible and I would love to experience it! Climbing the Harbour Bridge is one of those things that you just don’t get around to doing in your own city. I have always heard that it is an incredible experience and I can not wait to do it one day!

The biggest thank you to all Sydney content creators for giving their insights. For more ideas and inspiration follow us on Instagram or check out our other experiences in Sydney.


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