Sydney in June – Top Things to do

Sydney in June – Top Things to do

June is the official beginning of Australia’s winter season in Sydney, and although the temperatures continue to drop from the end of autumn, the decline is typically not as significant as in other countries, or even colder cities within Australia.

Sydney in June at a Glance

Public Holidays: Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Season: Winter

Average Temperatures: 16.9 – 9.3 degrees Celsius

Along with the continued decline into cooler weather, the arrival of June in Sydney marks one significant event on the annual tourism calendar – the beginning of the annual whale watching season. In addition, the Queen’s birthday public holiday is observed in June (although her actual birthday is on the 21st April) and typically aims to provide a long weekend, with many locations throughout Sydney celebrating the occasion with fireworks displays including Sydney City and Darling Harbour.

June is usually the second-coldest month of the year after July and, while Sydney does not receive snow, the month can be quite cool with conditions averaging a brisk 8 degrees at nights; however, the days remain pleasant and the amount of rainfall is typically low, which makes for bright and clear sunny days.

June also differs from July in that there are no school holidays taking place, meaning the attractions and tourist hotspots are far less likely to be crowded, making it perhaps the ideal month to visit Sydney for those who favour cooler weather. As with the other, non-school-holiday winter months, accommodation prices are generally cheaper during June, which adds an additional benefit that can help saves a few dollars for those visiting from out of town.

Some of the best and most popular things to do in Sydney in June include:

What to do in Sydney by Month

Whale Watching

The commencement of the whale watching season is a major drawcard for many people visiting Sydney, and the overall experience of watching whales in Sydney has an added layer of beauty to the proceedings due to the inherently scenic value of the lovely Sydney Harbour and its surrounding landmarks.

The main species of whale on display is the Humpback as they travel past on their northern and southern migrations, and a whale watching cruise in Sydney allows you to get up close and personal with these majestic giants of the deep as they surface and breach. As whale watching is a hugely popular attraction for visitors to Australia in general, June is a great month to book a tour as school holidays have not yet begun and the crowds/people competing for bookings will not yet be at their most hectic.

In addition, if you are fortunate, you can also spot other species of marine life in the harbour including dolphins, Southern Right Whales, albatross and perhaps even Orcas.

Travel to the Snow Fields

While there are many days in July in Melbourne where the air is particularly chilly out, there are also fortunately plenty of attractions and things to do that are located indoors – one of the most popular of which is the Melbourne Aquarium. An award-winning, educational and entertaining experience that is ideal for those cold days, the aquarium is easy to reach due to its central location in the city alongside the Yarra River.

Home to numerous exhibits containing a huge variety of species of marine life, Melbourne Aquarium is also the only place in Australia where you’ll be able to see Antarctic penguins getting up to their super-cute antics.

The penguins aren’t the only highlight however; daily shark and stingray dive-feeding shows in the aquarium’s famous “fishbowl” are a must-see, and the facility itself is divided up into four separate “worlds” that each provide an emphasis on a different aspect of everything aquatic.

From marine oddities found in the Weird & Wonderful section, to the vibrant colours and huge range of species of fish found in River-to-Reef to seeing the fierce predators of the ocean up-close at the Sharks Alive exhibit, all parts of the ocean are covered and provide some great winter entertainment for both adults and kids.

Blue Mountains Tour

Those who are wishing to visit the Blue Mountains in June may prefer to choose a late-departure Blue Mountains tour that aims to avoid the required early rise of other tours, and thus avoid the chilly and frosty morning temperatures that come along with the winter months.

These late-departing Blue Mountains tours from Sydney help ensure that not only do you depart during a warmer part of the day, but also that you can sleep in so you’ll be fresh and full of energy for a comprehensive day of exploration ahead.

Escaping the tedious slog of fighting through Sydney’s peak-hour traffic, the tour covers all the essential highlights of the Blue Mountains region, with its geographic marvels and spectacular views just one part of the incredible trip!

In addition, if you’re looking for all the top things to see and do in and around Sydney including activities, attractions and more, be sure to check out our main Experiences section to browse and book online!

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