Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney

Wet n Wild Sydney is one of New South Wales best water parks, providing limitless fun for all ages. With an excellent variety of slides, swimming areas, attractions and activities to choose from it is no wonder it has become one of Sydney’s most popular summer destinations.

No matter what level of crazy you are, Wet n Wild Sydney has something to cure your adrenaline cravings and it is only getting bigger and better.

If you want to take your beach day to the next level, Wet n Wild Sydney is the perfect place to go, so grabs your friends, family, maybe even your crush and book in for a day full of good times.

How to get there

Everything you need to know is right here:


– Australia’s Largest Wave Pool
– Huge Umbrellas
– Nickelodeon Kids Zone
– 4 towers of waterslides
– Rides for all ages
– Fun photos taken from waterslides and around the park available to purchase

What you’ll do

Security Check and Entry

You will already be bursting with excitement at this point because the epic slides are hard to miss when you drive in. Once past the usual bag check you will be given your very important wristband that gives you access to the slides all day long as well as all photos taken throughout your day.

*Optional but highly recommended*

Purchase express pass and/or hire a locker

Both of these were lifesavers during my Wet n Wild experience and totally worth the extra money. There is a ticket booth just to the left as you enter the park that sells both. Locker prices vary depending on the size of the locker you want to purchase, as there are different sizes to choose from so keep that in mind when you are packing for the day!

Now you might be wondering what the express pass is, what it does and why on earth would you want to spend any more money on it? Well, you will want to spend that little bit extra on it so you can really make the most of your day saving your precious time and sanity!

Don’t just take my word for it, let Wet n Wild offical explain: ‘Tap ‘n’ Play Xpress lets you reduce waiting time by 50 per cent. Once you have purchased Tap’n’Play Xpress from the inpark sales centre visit a kiosk, tap your special Tap’n’Play wristband, select your ride tower and enjoy the park until it’s your time to slide.

Tap ‘n’ Play Priority is the best of the best, reducing your waiting time by 90 per cent. As with Xpress, purchase your special Tap’n’Play wristband and make your reservations at a Tap ‘n’ Play kiosk then access all the fun of the park with the shortest amount of waiting time.”

Time to Change and lock your things away

Wander over to the change rooms to strip down to your swimmers and prepare yourself for a day filled with fun. Don’t forget to lather up in sunscreen while you are there!

If you have purchased a locker, pack your bags and clothes away before heading out. If you are planning on jumping straight onto the slides, I suggest leaving all hats, sunglasses and towels behind too because you will be unable to carry it with you once on board. You can access you locker anytime throughout the day if you do need anything.

Your toughest decision of the day… What slide to go to first

If 4 towers worth of slides wasn’t tough enough to choose from you may also want to choose a swimming option or an additional attraction…


Aqua Tube
Double BOWLSeye
H2GO Racers
Half Pipe
The Breakers
The Curler
Tropical Cyclone


Boomerang Bay
The Beach

For Kids

Splash Zones
Mini Boomerang Bay


SYDNEY Skycoaster (additional charge)
The Surf Deck (additional charge)

Once you get the first slide out of the way, you have to make a tough decision all over again on what to do next. It is completely up to you all day long so make the most of it.

Don’t forget to have a lunch break

All that sliding and swimming really take it out of you so it is very important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and grab something to eat from any of the food establishments around the park.

From hot chips, hot dogs, pies, sandwiches to salads there is a range of food available to give you that extra bit of energy for the day. Make sure to rest a little after you eat before sliding or swimming around again though.

Back in the water

Once again, this is all up to you based on what wild rides you want to experience for the rest of the day, you might even just want to hang out in the wave pool for a bit. No matter what you choose you are going to have the time of your life.

Dry off, get change and grab your things

By this time you will be absolutely exhausted and it will have been totally worth it.

Whether you rinse off in the shower or throw some dry clothes straight on, it is most important that you double or even triple check that you have not left anything behind, especially if you had a locker!

Then when you have all you stuff and dry clothes on it is time to say goodbye. If you run into any staff on your way out, give them a quick little thankyou because without them your day wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun.

What’s Included

– Park Entry
– Wet n Wild wristband
– Access to all 4 towers of waterslides (depending on height and weight)
– Shaded seating (subject to availibility)
– Wave pool
– Nickelodeon Kids Zone
– Dinosaur lazy river
– Free all day parking

What to bring

– swimmers / bikini
– towel
– plenty of sunscreen
– water
– friends and family
– Money for additional purchases such as : food, express/priority pass, locker hire

My recommendations

Wet n Wild is the perfect day out with family, friends or even on a date! Keep in mind that a lot of people know that and it does get very busy. Traffic isn’t too bad but the carpark does fill up very quick and lines get extremely long.

I highly recommend getting there as early as possible not only to make the most of your day but to ensure you have have best chance of free parking and get through security as quickly as possible.

As mentioned early the locker and express pass purchase were truly lifesavers and worth every dollar. There was not a single ride all day that we had to wait over 10 minutes for and it was really good not to worry about our belongings all day. Unless you have someone in your group to watch you stuff all day, a locker is really essential.

Start off with the rides you want to do most and work your way to the others from there. You don’t want to save ‘the best for last’ and end up missing out.

As much as I can rave on about how much fun you could have why not go test it out for yourself!


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