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Review: Tekapo Springs, New Zealand

Tekapo Springs is located right on the edge of Lake Tekapo which happens to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The Springs are built in three tiers, ensuring you get to take in the beauty no matter where you are within the complex.

All springs vary in temperature to give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience and each offer their own individual style, including an adults-only pool. Also featured are free use of the steam rooms and sauna.

The Snow Tube Park, open exclusively in winter, provides the perfect opportunity to test out the 150m slope with the option to go individually, in pairs or even as a family down the run and is sure to give you the perfect adrenaline rush.

Tekapo Springs has a bit of everything for everyone and will definitely leave you feeling better than ever.

I was lucky enough to visit the hot pools and try out the tube park on my most recent visit to the Tekapo region thanks to Tekapo Springs and Experience Oz + NZ.

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

How to get there

By foot: Depending where you are based, it is usually a very quick, easy and beautiful walk to Tekapo Springs.

By car: There are plenty of signs directing you to the Springs around the lake and ample parking available on site.

By shuttle: Tekapo Springs offers a shuttle service to and from their site. For more information check out the experience page.


  • Views you will never get sick of
  • A special photo platform above the springs to get that perfect holiday snap
  • Letting all of your worries float away
  • Happy and helpful staff
  • Tubing down a 150m slippery snow slope
  • A special escalator to the top of the tubing hill so you don’t have
    to walk up the slippery slope

What you’ll do

Arrive at the Springs

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

Whether you have been picked up by your chauffeur driven shuttle or found your own way to the Springs, the excitement really kicks in once you step foot in the carpark and  realise that this is about to be one amazing day of relaxation and fun.

Sign in and get yourself a locker

Upon our arrival, we wandered up the stairs to sign in at the main lobby. Here we were given the choice of beginning our experience with an hour at the Snow Tube Park – which I highly recommend doing to avoid the crowds – or bathing in the springs first.

We chose the park first and pools second, so we made our way to the lockers where we stored all of our belongings for the day.

Make your way over to the Snow Tube Park

On our way from the lobby we stopped by the viewing platform of the Snow Tube Park to take in all of the amazing views and snap a few photos. This area doubled as a great waiting spot for those not eager to go tubing as it provides great views of the slopes.

After only a short walk we found ourselves at the bottom of the hill being greeted by one of the many friendly staff members who had the joy of telling us everything we needed to know for this experience.

Grab a helmet and choose your tube

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

We started the activity by finding a helmet that fits and picking out a snow tube to take for the first ride.

As mentioned before, they have single, double and triple tubes available to suit solo riders and families alike. The good thing is you aren’t stuck with the first tube you choose, after every ride you have the opportunity to change it.

Take in the views from the escalator

Getting onto the escalator for the first time can be a little bit wobbly because you’re not used to it, especially if you are just as uncoordinated as I am, but once you find your balance you’ll be able to have a good look around, including panoramic views of the alpine forest and the vibrant Lake Tekapo.

Get set up in your tube and go

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

Met by another staff member at the top of the hill, we were helped into the tube and slowly pushed down the slope, beginning this awesome adventure. While the staff might make this seem like an easy job, it can be a tough at times, especially when there are large groups visiting. Make sure to do your part and stay safe by following all of their instructions and they’ll be able to make sure you have a good time!

While an hour seemed like a long time at the beginning, it flew by while we were having fun racing down the hill. To make the most of your hour I suggest mixing up your runs every time, try a single, double and triple tube or ask staff at the top to let you go down backwards or spinning – it’s awesome!

At the end of the rides, we packed our helmets and tubes away and made our way over to the springs.

Warm up in the springs

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

At the top level of the hot springs, next to the sauna, Tekapo Springs have put together the perfect picture spot for you overlooking the entire hot springs and Lake! You’ll be able to take some truly beautiful photos here.

In terms of experiencing the springs there isn’t a wrong way. We went around testing the different temperatures of each pool to see which one would be the most comfortable for our first dip.

You can spend the rest of the day hopping from pool to pool, relaxing in the warm waters and taking in the impressive views. This is exactly how my day went and it was one of the highlights of the trip.

After spending a few hours in the springs it was time to go. Back in the change rooms you can take advantage of the quick clothes dryers before collecting your belongings from the locker. Make sure you double check that you have everything with you unless you just want to give yourself another excuse to come back here – which I wouldn’t blame you for!

No matter where in Tekapo Springs you are, the views won’t disappoint and neither will the springs themselves.

What’s included

  • Tekapo Springs hot pools pass
  • One hour Snow Tube Park access
  • Shuttle service
  • Free use of steam room and sauna
  • Plush towel

What to bring

  • Swimwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Enclosed and well gripped shoes for the Snow park

My Recommendations

Dana Williamson Tekapo Springs Review Experience Oz

My day at Tekapo Springs right from the start was one of the best days of my entire New Zealand trip. It offers the perfect balance of relaxation and fun while being located in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

It offers a little something for everyone, but keep in mind that for certain parts of the experience there are a few restrictions including: infants (under 3) must wear a swim nappy, due to health and safety requirement only persons 16yrs and over can use the steam and sauna, and children must be 1 metre or taller to ride the Snow Tube Park.

An added benefit was that it was easy to get to and the staff went above and beyond to make the experience as memorable as possible. I felt so comfortable and relaxed, and the views were phenomenal. I really could go on forever about this place and how extraordinarily amazing it is but listening to me ramble on will never be as good as experiencing it for yourself!

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Images: Dana Williamson

Dana Williamson visited Tekapo Springs as a guest of Experience Oz + NZ and Tekapo Springs.

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