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Review: Murray River Full Day Cruise

This cruise is a day trip which will take you along the Murray River and into Coorong National Park where you’ll experience some of the most amazing landscape and spot plenty of local wildlife along the way. All with guided expert commentary who will make your sure your trip is that more spectacular!

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

How to get there

By Car: The cruise starts from the southern end of the Goolwa wharf which is about a 90 minutes’ drive from Adelaide. There is plenty of parking available onsite near the marina. The tour departs at 10 am so make sure you arrive on time.


  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife/Marine spotting
  • Tasting local culinary
  • Walking along the most amazing sand dunes
  • Expert commentary

Cruise along the Coorong

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

The journey will start from Goolwa’s wharf and will take you along the river into the Coorong National Park. Michael our guide introduced himself and made everyone aware of the safety procedures. Our boat was small but spacious which allowed plenty of room to move.

The tour starts with a brief history of the river with our guide having a wealth of information, you’ll be given an itinerary for the day as well as a map of the route. Cruising along the river you’ll spot plenty of local birds and wildlife which our guide was very quick to point out.

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

Afternoon tea was also provided on board at our first break destination. Michael was very knowledgeable and gave us a very good guided commentary on the area.

The next part of the cruise saw our tour group opening the watergates to help pass the boat through, we were given instructions on which lever to pull to lower the water level. It almost felt like we were solving a giant puzzle which was very amusing.

Coorong National Park

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

Once we had passed through the gates our boat proceeded to dock at Coorong National Park, from there we walked along the sand dunes.

It was such an awesome feeling walking along undisturbed lands, Michael gave us a guided commentary on the aboriginal tribes that lived there and how there were ancient burial grounds nearby.

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

We hiked to the peak of the dunes which gave us a spectacular view of the surrounding area!

Lunch was then served, it was a tasty platter of cold cuts and local bush tucker!

Murray Mouth

Cruise the Coorong Murray River Cruise Bo Le

The last part of the cruise took us along the beaches and toward the murray mouth. We were guided through the National Parks with our guide pointing out native plants and bush tucker giving us a brief history on each species.

The final part of the cruise took us back to the wharf with plenty of stops on the way for photo opportunities.

What’s included

  • Safety demonstration
  • Guided commentary
  • Morning tea and lunch
  • Some of the most amazing sights you’ll see

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing and walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Camera

My Recommendations

I would highly recommend this tour! Be prepared to relax and take in some awesome sceneries and learning a bit about South Australia’s history. The water was very calm so sea sickness won’t be an issue.

Our guide was also very friendly and was very helpful! Good for group of friends or families looking to enjoy a nice day out! (Also child friendly)

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Images: Bo Le

Bo Le cruised through Coorong National Park as a guest of Experience Oz and Cruise the Coorong.

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