Bordered by the ruggedly scenic Remarkables mountain range, Queenstown is often the first port of call for those visiting New Zealand for the first time and offers a nearly endless amounts of adventurous things to see and do. If thrills are your thing, the likes of bungy jumping, jet boating, skydiving and much more can all be done here.


Queenstown serves as a mecca for adventure activities in both summer and winter alike, with each season emphasizing a different – yet no less enjoyable – aspect of NZ’s outdoor culture. Perhaps the most obvious of these is its ski season; during the cooler months it’s a veritable winter wonderland for skiers and snowboarders, attracting thousands of snow-loving tourists to its mountainous slopes each year.

Featuring fresh, crisp alpine air, soft white snow with typically good coverage and some wonderful scenery to boot, Queenstown has six highly-regarded ski and snowboard parks including 4 ski fields within easy reach with runs catering to all skill levels, as well as more extreme mountainside slopes available for heli-ski adventures (beginner beware). This environment also opens up the gateway for various other ice-and-snow-based activities such as ice skating and snow tobogganing as well, making Queenstown the quintessential NZ ski destination for the first-timer.

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Once the snow begins to thaw the fun in the Queenstown region is hardly over, however; the warmer months are arguably just as popular as winter time, and the adventure oriented atmosphere of the area is in full bloom during this time. Queenstown specialises in providing doses of adrenaline to its guests with a staggering variety of thrill experiences, and is home to the likes of bungy jumping (and bungy swinging, for that matter) from as high as 134m above sea level offering an 8.5 second free-fall.


Whatever your reason for visiting Queenstown, you’ll find everything you need to know about travelling to this adventurous part of New Zealand broken down in our detailed sections above.

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