Congratulations are in order for the Tigers of Dreamworld who have welcomed three new cubs into the Tiger Island family. Mum, Adira gave birth to two brothers on the 26th April and a third Tiger cub was welcomed into the world by Nika on the 26th May. After spending time bonding with their mamas, the tiger cubs are now in the nursery. Guests of Dreamworld can come along to Tiger Island and view the babies up close through a special viewing area.

Coo over the cubs and watch them as they learn to play, eat and snooze in their new surroundings. While they may seem cute and cuddly now the animals will quickly grow to 120kg+. The brothers have been named Javi and Zakari and are settling into their new surroundings at Dreamworld while their nephew is yet to be named. 

It is estimated that there are only 4,000 tigers left in the world which sadly places the creatures on the endangered species list. The Tiger Island conservation precinct within Dreamworld directly fundraises money for The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation to help save the tigers in the wild. 

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