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A part of New Zealand boasting a blend of natural beauty and culinary importance, Marlborough has more than done its part to put New Zealand on the international winemaking map.

Marlborough is a laid-back region where taking the chance to explore the scenic vineyards by foot, bike, car or helicopter and enjoying their produce is paramount. While its wineries play a big part, what many don’t know is the ample natural beauty it offers. One of its main highlights is the stunning Marlborough Sound which can be explored from the water or the vantage point of the Queen Charlotte Track.

Seafood and wine are two of the most recognisable signs you’re dining in the Marlborough area. Its proximity to the Cook Strait that bridges NZ’s north and south islands as well as the breathtaking sights of the Marlborough Sounds make seafood a core component of the region’s restaurant experience.

The combination of clear waters and sheltered inlets make for a variety of spectacles that take on a whole new life when viewed from the water or from a lookout high above. The sounds are bordered by hills blanketed by lush green forest that clashes strikingly with the vivid blue of the water. The various wildlife-rich islands that populate parts of the Sounds add their own individual character to the atmosphere while also making for great exploration and picnic sites.

Wine is a key component of the Marlborough region’s tourist economy and with good cause. It is the physically largest wine producing region in New Zealand and is home to 40 cellar doors and over 140 wineries that each offer their own spin on some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs in the southern hemisphere.

From prominent, world-famous Sav Blanc labels down to smaller boutiques that produce Pinot Noir and Riesling. Variety is the name of the game here and the hospitality of many of the local winemakers who are eager to proudly show off their wares is legendary.

Add the likes of honey, fine chocolate and beer from microbreweries to the picture and you’ll soon discover that Marlborough’s culinary reputation is more than justified.

Lastly, aspiring adventurers will want to turn an eye towards the region’s epic Queen Charlotte Track; an expansive, bike-friendly journey coming in at a robust 71 kilometres in length. With multiple campsites and some incredible views available along the way, if you’re the type that’s willing to put in the effort to explore, you’ll be faced with one of the more satisfying back-country NZ adventures.

Wine, wilderness and water all blend together to make the Marlborough region a comprehensive and indulgent New Zealand experience that’s well worth visiting.

Whatever your reason for visiting Marlborough, you’ll find everything you need to know about travelling to this part of New Zealand broken down in our detailed sections above.

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