The Margaret River region provides a blend of natural attractions as well as local boutique charm and offers a stunning variety of rugged coastal scenery that characterises Australia’s west coast to a tee.


Margaret River lies roughly a 3 hour drive to the south of Perth, making it possible for a day trip or tour, although staying at least one night is generally highly recommended to get the most out of its offerings.

In terms attractions and things to keep you occupied, the Margaret River region is renowned Australia-wide for the quality of its wines. Its climate is near-perfectly suited for the production of some of the country’s best Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, with the area playing host to over 200 vineyards in total. This wine culture is also reflected in the region’s yearly Wine Festival which typically takes place during November each year. If you’ve got an interest in all things gourmet (as the festival also provides the chance to sample cheeses, chocolates, fresh fruits and other local produce as well) then it’s a must if you’re visiting during this period.

Top 10 Things

Margaret River is all about exploring wonderful nature both on land, water and in the air. Here’s our list of the top things to do.


View our full catalogue of things to see and do in the Margaret River region.

Turning an eye towards yet more nature, Margaret River is simply amazing in its variety; the aforementioned lush vineyards contrast with rugged, rocky shorelines, and wondrous cave networks intermingle with the chance to get out on the open water and experience some of the best whale watching Australia has to offer during the annual migratory period.

How you choose to take advantage of your time in the area will thus depend almost entirely on your interests; however you can rest assured as long as you’re not looking for a large, built-up urban environment, Margaret River will have something that will capture your imagination. We outline the best of Margaret River in our travel guides above.

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