The Local Tourist Australia Reviews #Mum'sDayOff to Moreton Island

The Local Tourist Australia Reviews #Mum’sDayOff to Moreton Island

A review of Experience Oz’s #Mum’sDayOff adventure to Moreton Island.

The adventure begins with Dolphins in Paradise Day Trip Cruise

Off the coast of Brisbane is an enormous island that most locals would like to keep a secret. This magical place teems with wildlife, has postcard views and is surrounded by an ocean so clear you can see the sandy bottom. I am talking about the famous Moreton Island. For those who want, nay, need to see Queensland in all its glory this place offers a great way to catch a glimpse and it’s only a day trip by boat from Brisbane.

The easiest way to book a ticket to this memorable experience is to jump onto the Experience Oz site, they are always putting on great deals and in this case, offering this magical day trip through their partners, Dolphins in Paradise.

These guys have the knowledge, skill and friendliness that you are looking for when experiencing a new place. The crew know all the best spots to swim, explore and snorkel and can spot marine life in the water like they’re wearing a permanent pair of binoculars.

The Highlights of Dolphins in Paradise Day Trip Cruise

There is something rather freeing in diving off the back of a boat into crystal clear waters, and if you have not ticked it off your bucket list yet, be sure to by booking a Dolphins in Paradise Tour through Experience Oz. Snorkelling on the Tangalooma wrecks are the main feature of this day trip, but not until you’ve had a lunch of cold chicken, salads and fresh prawns.

Once arriving at the wrecks you will begin an underwater journey that encourages exploration of the fifteen vessels that were deliberately sunk to create a gorgeous wreck dive and snorkelling site. These wrecks are home to turtles, kingfish, yellowtail, parrot fish and wobbegongs, it’s also a place that dolphins like to cruise past and check out.

Our guides from Dolphins in Paradise told us that sometimes while snorkelling on the wrecks you will hear dolphins talking to each other. Wouldn’t that be amazing – a chance to join an underwater dolphin choir!

Enjoying Mother Nature at Work

To experience the beauty of Queensland in a day trip head out on a day cruise to snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks off Moreton Island. Whether you are travelling in a group, as a family or a couple the Dolphins in Paradise day trip has been designed to ensure that everyone on the boat has a great time.

Beginning with the growing feeling of relaxation as you sail away from the mainland, followed by a sense of anticipation that builds as the boat pulls up to the wrecks and cries of wonder from snorkelers as they spot the diverse marine life, this day out will be one you’ll remember.

Jenna Marrone is a blogger, reviewer of all things local and the all round cheery gal behind The Local Tourist Australia. She was able to develop her story telling skills at a young age to dodge sticky situations & through the countless apology letters (encouraged by her mother to write) for her practical joke mishaps.

Her life orbits around supporting/promoting/blogging about amazing locally owned businesses throughout Australia; trying to wear her two young boys out, running her online beach cart business Seed & Swell and dreaming about her next meal.

Book your own Tangaloooma Wrecks snorkelling and lunch day cruise to Moreton Island with Dolphins in Paradise online at Experience Oz today!
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