If you are obsessed with theme parks like we are then you may want to consider booking onto the Warner Bros. Movie World Star Tour- Access All Areas. The red carpet is rolled out for you with special VIP treatment for 8 lucky guests. Included in the experience is a single day entry ticket to Movie World, a behind the scenes tour of the park and some incredible VIP perks that will make your visit to Movie World extra special.

Reserved Parking and Behind the Scenes Tour

After rolling into the car park and finding your reserved parking spot like the VIP that you are its time to meet your “celebrity minder”(cough… tour guide) with the day kicking off at 8.30am. The behind the scenes tour gives guests access to the theme park before the gates open to the public and it is here that you can see how the magic of the park comes to life each and every day.

From rollercoaster tracks to control rooms, kitchen areas, stunt driving garages and meet and greets- you’ll see first hand how the park operates and deliver a magical experience to all guests.

See the inner workings of Movie World’s Rides

Among some of the key attractions that you will get to see first hand is The Justice League 3D track. Step inside this indoor laser ride for a walk around to see how the ride really looks while you are not on it. It is a lot easier to appreciate the design and the work that has gone into theming the ride when you have the extra time to admire it from afar.

The second attraction to explore is the adored Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ride where you’ll enter the crazy High Zone. Thrill seekers who have visited Movie World before can appreciate the suspenseful twists and turns of this part of the ride that is made even scarier by the darkness and special effects that make it hard to see what is coming next.

The final attraction that you’ll visit before a morning tea break is The Superman Control Room and Maintenance Bunker. Discover what it takes to construct, operate and maintain a world class rollercoaster that can reach mind blowing 100 kilometres an hour in two seconds flat.

The Star Tour Access All Areas then moves onto the Stars Kitchen to see how much preparation is required to get the food and beverage outlets ready for a day of theme park revellers.

Meet and Greet with Hollywood Stunt Drivers

Following refreshments at the Village Bean Coffee House, it’s time for some high octane entertainment beginning with an exclusive back of house tour of the Hollywood Stunt Driver Garage and a meet and greet with the drivers of the show. Get your photo taken with the talented stuntmen before taking to your seats in the VIP area to enjoy the thrilling show.

Lunch with the stars

The tour comes to a conclusion at 12.30pm with a delicious lunch accompanied by some of your favourite characters and a souvenir photo to take home with you as a memento.

Fast Track Pass and VIP Access to Star Parade

The rest of the afternoon is all yours to explore Movie World armed with a fast track pass to select rides and a VIP area to enjoy the Streets Star Parade at 3.30pm.

See Movie World as you have never seen it before and enjoy all the VIP Perks during an unforgettable Star Tour- Access All Areas. You can find the exclusive tour and all the best theme park tickets right here on Experience Oz.



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