Experience Expert

Dana Williamson

Sydney, New South Wales

Dana from the Wandering Donut is a lover of all things travel and delicious donuts. She has been selected as our Sydney and greater New South Wales region Experience Expert, read about Dana and her blog the Wandering Donut here.

Dana Williamson, or as she’s more commonly known, the Wandering Donut, is an extremely hilarious (well, at least she thinks so) and uncoordinated travel blogger filled with wanderlust and donuts!

She first found herself blogging when she was only 6-years-old with a small website to connect with her penpals from all around the world, then, as most teenagers did at the time, she fell into the very heavy Tumblr blogging phase and eventually fell into the exciting world of travel blogging and never wanted to leave.

She has always loved playing around with writing and photography and to link that with two other things that she loves even more (travel and donuts) was truly a dream come true.

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