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Upcoming Event: Abbey Medieval Festival 2017

Be transported back to Medieval times with a visit to the 2017 Abbey Medieval Festival in the Moreton Bay region. Hosting all things medieval including authentic re-enactments and jousting tournaments as well as traditional food from the era, you’ll feel as though you’ve actually stepped back in time.

A region commonly known for its coastal beauty, this festival shines a new light on the popular region by transforming it with exquisite details from the Medieval time period.

The live re-enactments throughout the festival are so authentic, you’ll truly feel as though you’re watching history unfold before your eyes. The reenactments range in time periods from the 6th century to the 16th century and are all incredibly accurate. Each following strict guidelines and screenings, these impressive re-enactments make this the most authentic medieval festival in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

abbey medieval festival

You can taste the foods of the era including sizzling meats and fine mead from the various food stalls at the festival or you can cheer on knights as they challenge each other to joust duels. Complete with roaming entertainers and extra ticketed events, this is a festival perfect for all ages and one you don’t want to miss.

Kids Medieval Family Fun Week

The ultimate family-friendly experience, the Kids Medieval Family Fun Week is held at the Abbey Museum and provides a whole world of fun for all ages. Complete with painting stations, treasure hunts, dress ups, archery trials and more, the young ones will have a ball!

abbey medieval festival

Held from the 26th of June to the 30th of June from 10am until 3pm, you can purchase tickets for the whole family online and save.

The Knighting Ceremony

This is the experience perfect for all modern day knights. The traditional Knighting Ceremony will see men become knights the evening before the Abbey Tournament.

Held on the 7th of July at 7:30pm in the Abbey Church, Caboolture, this is one traditional experience you won’t want to miss.

The Medieval Tournament

The main event for the entire festival is the Medieval Tournament held on the 8th and 9th of July at Abbestowe. Featuring historical combat, jousting championships, Medieval music, dancing, archery, Turkish oil wrestling and street performers, the whole experience will conclude with a grand finale of all the re-enactment groups coming together for one more performance.

abbey medieval festival

Tickets range in price depending on the age and event you’re looking to attend, be sure to check the Abbey Medieval Festival website for more information and to buy your tickets online.

More Information

Location: Various locations around the Moreton Bay Region

Dates: 26th of June to 9th of July

Prices: From $13.50





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