Northern Territory

Situated on the Timor Sea and being in close proximity to a diverse range of Pacific and Asian influences, Darwin has a vast cultural diversity which is reflected in its food, events, festivals and the faces of its residents.

Australia Darwin Northern Territory Map

All this is nestled in a location with an outstanding waterfront outlook, spectacular thunderstorms, and universally warm weather. Darwin is an underrated travel destination that is full of interesting history in its own right, as well as both a lifestyle and stable of wildlife that differentiates itself from most other Aussie capitals. It’s a perfectly-positioned hub to spend a few days exploring the city and its cultural attractions before heading out into the showcase of the raw, untouched nature of our country that the Northern Territory has to offer.

Darwin is one of Australia’s most modern capitals in terms of architecture, having been almost entirely reconstructed after being hit by both air raids in World War 2 and Cyclone Tracy more recently, leading to a distinctive combination of both modern buildings and well-kept natural beauty.

There are no sun-obscuring high rises here; the city is compact and easy to navigate and with its far northerly location. Darwin also makes for perhaps one of the best choices for a getaway during the colder winter months, as its climate makes these otherwise unpleasant parts of the year quite enjoyable.

While it may not have the brand name recognition of some of its southern brothers, with its eclectic mix of scenery, history and nearby adventure locales Darwin is a place that provides an exciting break from the humdrum of everyday life. Our below guides will highlight the best way to enjoy your trip here.

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