Christchurch – and the greater Canterbury region that contain it as a whole – combines the mountainous with the marine and the alpine with the adventurous, with a focus on outdoor activities that would keep even the most avid of explorers entertained for a long time.


Christchurch is a place that has overcome plenty of trials and tribulations to remain an essential visit during any New Zealand travel adventure, Where else in the world can you travel two hours from an international airport and find yourself experiencing activities like skiing at a world-class alpine resort, playing golf at an award winning international course, experience unique wildlife encounters or visit internationally acclaimed wineries and gardens? If you find somewhere comparable, be sure to let us know.

Christchurch is also something of a dining mecca, with a strong coffee culture and numerous 5-star dining opportunities to delight the culinary aficionado, while many of the top restaurants in the city have re-established themselves since the quakes of 2010-11. This is likewise reflected in its shopping community that has embraced the city’s newly-fashioned “pop-up” image, with an architectural style that incorporates various shipping containers and other typically-temporary construction techniques into a truly unique flavour that gives Christchurch a whole new, artistic character.

Top 10 Things

Both within the city limits and its surrounding areas, Christchurch offers plenty to see and do; here’s our list of the top 10.


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In terms of things to see and do, Christchurch again shines; the city’s central location makes it the ideal gateway to experience many of the surrounding South Island highlights as scenic, wildlife and adventure opportunities all present themselves here.


Whatever your reason for visiting Christchurch, you’ll find everything you need to know about travelling to this lovely part of New Zealand broken down in our detailed sections above.

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