Where to Visit by Month

Queenstown Season Guide

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s best tourist attractions, boasting drool worthy weather throughout the year for snow bunnies and summer lovers. If visiting this tourist hub is on your wish list

Best Places in Australia to visit in April

Always one of the most popular months of the year for travel in Australia due to the large number of days off – both public holidays and school holidays over the Easter

Best Places in Australia to Visit in March

March in Australia marks the transition from summer to autumn, yet for the majority of the month throughout the country temperatures still remain anywhere from hot to warm. Combine this with a

Best Places in Australia to Visit in February

February in Australia is definitely a month where pulling out the sunscreen plays an important role – as the statistically hottest month of the year in Australia, planning a trip during February

The Best Places in Australia to Visit in August

August marks the heart of winter on the Australian continent, but that doesn’t mean travel plans have to be shut down, with plenty of warm-weather locations available for an enjoyable trip.

Here, we outline 5 of the top travel spots in Australia for August.

Sydney in July – Top Things to do

Looking for ideas on the best things to do in Sydney in the month of July?

With it being the coldest month of the year and temperatures averaging a brisk minimum of 9 degrees (however lows frequently witness cold spikes that drop far below that number), Sydney takes on a wholly different light for travellers visiting during this chilly period.

If you’re travelling to Sydney and looking for must-do itinerary items, we take a look at some of the most popular things to do in the city and surrounds during July.

Sydney in June – Top Things to do

June is the official beginning of Australia’s winter season in Sydney, and although the temperatures continue to drop from the end of autumn, the decline is typically not as significant as in

Melbourne in June – Top Things to do

June in Melbourne marks the commencement of winter, and due to its southerly location in Australia it is one of the few capital cities in the country that can actually truly get

The Best Places in Australia to Visit in July

As any Aussie knows, July means winter, winter means cold, and cold means it’s time for a getaway. But what are Australia’s top destinations for travel during winter, and July specifically?

We’ve got a “Top 4″ list of possible spots that are great to visit during this winter month here.