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Review: Cairns Aquarium & Aqualuna Restaurant

Explore a wonderful world down under, with Cairns‘ newest tourist attraction, The Cairns Aquarium. I was so excited about this experience, there is something majestic about the various animals living beneath the

Review: Warner Bros. Movie World

If you didn’t think there was enough ‘glitz and glamour’ already on the Gold Coast, make sure to check out Warner Bros. Movie World, or “Hollywood on the Gold Coast” as it’s also

Top 10 Sunshine Coast Attractions for Kids

The Sunshine Coast combines stunning coastal scenery and some of the most relaxed locals on earth with a calendar full of sunny days to create one of Queensland’s best beachside getaways. Perfect

5 Ways to Embrace the Aussie Heat this Summer

Summer in Australia doesn’t have to mean being all hot and bothered – we take a look at 5 great ways to actually ENJOY all the heat in Oz here!

Get Wet Surf School

5 Out of the Box School Holiday Activities

Keep the kids entertained with something different these school holidays – we’ve got 5 awesome, out of the box experiences the kids will love here.

6 Awesome Close-up Animal Encounters in Australia

Here at Experience Oz we love making new friends, especially when they are four-legged, winged or furry – they’re our favourite buddies! There are so many places around Australia where you can get up

Australia's top 10 Animal Selfie Destinations - Featherdale Wildlife Park

Australia’s Top 10 Animal Selfie Destinations

We are all familiar with the word selfie, and what taking a selfie entails. However, mix that popular concept with a super-cute, unpredictable Australian animal and you have yourself an animal selfie (or as we’re coining it, an #animelfie).

Here are our top 10 picks for the best places to take an animal selfie around Australia.

Where to Cuddle a Koala in Australia

While it’s a must-do experience while in Australia, there are certain limits on where you can hold a koala. Here’s everywhere in Oz you can have a cuddle.

10 of the Best Australian Summer Holiday Spots

Looking for a summer getaway in Australia but not sure where to go? We highlight ten of the best coastal and other getaways during the summer months here.