Byron Bay

New South Wales

Once solely famous for its alternative culture, Byron Bay now boasts a wide array of accommodation, shopping locations and restaurants as well as is signature beachfront areas.

Australia Byron Bay New South Wales Map

A mecca for whale watching, surfers and scuba divers, Byron Bay represents a low-key alternative to the busy resort towns located further to the north and south and remains a haven for those who enjoy activities based on nature.

Other than the coastal focus, Byron Bay also offers some alternative diversity for exploration, starting with its lush and robust hinterland. Day tours to explore the vast greenery are popular, and can even be done at night to see nocturnal wildlife at their most active. The Bay’s various cliff faces are an exceedingly popular drawcard for hang gliders, while Byron Bay’s continuous stretch of beach makes for a great spot to partake in horse riding, kayaking and more.

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Its famed lighthouse which sits atop one such cliff is one of the true must-do experiences in the region, offering panoramic views at the top of its walk that stretch all the way to the Gold Coast in the north on clear days. In terms of attractions, the nearby Tropical Fruit World will allow you to indulge your tastebuds with some of the world’s most unique and exotic fruits, and those with a bent for adrenaline can visit the local skydiving complex to plummet to earth at terminal speeds.

All in all, Byron Bay is a great location for those wishing to see the more concentrated tourist areas of South-East Queensland while still being tucked away in a natural destination just over the New South Wales border, making day trips to a significant number of both QLD and NSW attractions as accessible as one another – simply climb aboard your car or tour bus, and a huge range of opportunities await.

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