Located in sunny south-east Queensland, Brisbane is a very well-balanced city the mixes a fantastic shopping destination, plenty of great restaurants, a strong cultural focus and great cycleways through its blend of parkland.


Heading across the Brisbane River will also open up further opportunities for exploration, with the buzzing Southbank a hive of activity featuring multiple restaurants, a man-made beach, the major Cultural Centre, and regularly occurring festivals and events, as well as serving as an all-purpose “hang-out” location for locals.

If you’re looking to take part in more active things to do, the Brisbane River is a focal point for cruises as well as activities such as kayaking and more. Brisbane city also provides multiple alternative fun outlets for your energy; regardless of if you’re a racing enthusiast, an adventure climber, avid skydiver or potential go-karter, there are plenty of adventures which await that are all within easy reach of the city centre.

Top 10 Things

From the cultural to the active to the family-friendly, Brisbane offers a diverse range of things to do; here are the best of the lot.

best time to visit brisbane

When to visit

Queensland’s capital has solid weather all year round, however other factors come into play as well; here we look at the best time to visit.

For Kids

Both Brisbane City and its outskirts offer a number of family-friendly attractions that can help keep the little ones entertained.

brisbane restaurant


Brisbane offers a diverse array of food and drink opportunities with a strong Asian influence; here are the best spots to dine in Brisbane.

where to stay brisbane

Where to Stay

From the south side to Southbank and the CBD, we a take a look at the best accommodation options for hotels and other stays in Brisbane.

brisbane weather

Weather Guide

With a fairly balanced and warm overall climate, Brisbane is nothing if not predictable. Read about it’s seasons in detail here.

Rainy days

Rain got you down? Check out our top 10 picks to escape the wet weather.

brisbane facts

7 Facts

Brisbane is filled with culture, fashion and food and is fast becoming THE destination to be. So, here are 7 things you might not know about Brisbane.

brisbane nightlife


We highlight our top 5 picks of bars and nightclubs in Brisbane.

Things At Night

See 10 out of the ordinary things to do around Brisbane at night.

Tried & Tested

Experience Oz reviews Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb’s twilight climb.


Check out all we have to see and do in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Likewise, attractions aplenty for those looking to take it easier are available as well, with local icons such as the XXXX Ale House and Brewery being another popular destination for those who want to sample a drop of QLD’s finest amber. If you’re looking for a different atmosphere, a day tour to Tangalooma is also a must in Brisbane as it serves as a tropical island escape destination that is easily reachable within a single day’s visit that is also a hotspot for whale watching when it’s in-season as well. Whatever your choice, Brisbane will provide you with events that may last a day or several days, but will give you memories that last far longer.

Regardless of your reason for visiting Brisbane, our comprehensive guides below will provide everything you need in order to get the most out of your trip.

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