The Best Time to Visit Phillip Island, VIC

Planning a trip to Phillip Island but unsure of when to go? We can help make your perfect Phillip Island trip the best it can be.

Phillip Island is one of the most popular day trip destinations from the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne.

Reached in just under a few hours from the Victorian capital, Phillip Island offers families, couples and solo travellers the chance to enjoy island life complete with beautiful beaches, epic surf and exciting family-friendly attractions.

Phillip Island Best Time To Visit

When should you visit Phillip Island is one of the most frequented questions on travellers’ lips. While the island is open for business year round, there is one specific season that stands out as THE best time to visit Phillip Island.

If you’re a lover of warm, beautiful weather, a range of exciting experiences and things to do, and a lineup of events to fill any social calendar, then we suggest the summer months as being the best time to visit.

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Why Phillip Island in Summer?

A destination that is great all year round, Phillip Island truly thrives in the summer months. From December to February the island comes alive with local Melbournians escaping the hustle and bustle of the CBD and holidaymakers eager to explore all the beautiful state of Victoria has to offer.

In terms of activities and things to do, the island is bursting! Some of the top attractions on the island are suitable for a range of ages and are some of the main reasons it has become a number one destination from the mainland. One of the stand out things to do on Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade.

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Visitors travel from far and wide to attend the iconic penguin parade on Summerland Beach. Local operator, Phillip Island Nature Parks welcomes visitors to their penguin parade grandstand daily to watch the adorable and local Little Penguins come back ashore after a big day in the water. This experience has proven to be a hit with both kids and adults alike and takes place at the end of the day.

Phillip Island penguin parade best time to visit

More great ways to spend your summer days on Phillip Island include visits to the neighbouring Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Koala Conservation Centre and the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies Centre.

The beautiful summer days bring with them temperatures ranging from 12 degree Celsius to a maximum of 24.5 degrees Celsius, so while the air might still be a bit crisper in the morning, it is sure to heat up to a temperature that is warm, comfortable and not too humid. Unlike the popular island destinations to the north, Phillip Island’s location on the southern end of the country makes it ideal for summer lovers eager to avoid the uncomfortable humidity in the north.

The beauty of Phillip Island is that there is also a range of things to do that won’t cost you a cent! The likes of Cowes Beach and its foreshore playgrounds are popular on beautiful days, as are the pelican feeding sessions at San Remo and the public markets around the island.

Phillip Island surfing best time to visit Victoria

The beaches are often filled with visitors and locals enjoying picnics, games of beach cricket, swimmers diving into the waters and surfers catching a few waves. The atmosphere at the beaches on Phillip Island are incredible, with the sun shining, laughs bellowing and waves crashing, it will make you never want to leave.

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Between the family-friendly attractions and beautiful beaches, Phillip Island also has a thriving event scene. Some of the stand out events over the summer period all indulge in the outdoors. These events include the Island Summer Carnival from December 26th to January 26th, the International Island Classic on the 26th and 28th of January and the Phillip Island Penguin Swim Classic held on February 3rd and 4th. Available for you to participate in or simply enjoy from the crowd if your visit aligns with one of the above events you’ll be in for a treat.

If you enjoy the beautiful weather, great family-friendly attractions and range of beautiful natural sights and sounds then Phillip Island in summer is the place for you.

Why visit Phillip Island?

As one of the most popular day trip destinations from Melbourne in Victoria, Phillip Island has grown to become a must-see destination. If you’re looking for a holiday destination that offers beaches, surf, sun and sand then Phillip Island is the place to be. On top of the natural attractions, there is a range of paid attractions you can visit, as mentioned above, that will help fill out any travel itinerary to the island.

Phillip Island Best time to visit

One of the main reasons Phillip Island is frequented by holidaymakers and locals from Melbourne is its proximity and easy accessibility. There is a range of ways to travel to Phillip Island including by car, thanks to the bridge connecting it to the mainland, a ferry ride or public transport.

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It’s also a great destination for families looking to keep the kids entertained for the day or for a few days should they wish to spend a night or two. With a number of attractions spread out over the island and in neighbouring regions on the mainland, there’s sure to be something that will keep the kids occupied during the day if not a few days.

If you’re looking for more things to see and do on Phillip Island and its surrounding regions, check out our full catalogue page for all of the top attractions, activities and experiences.

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