Best Time To Visit Byron Bay

Best Time To Visit Byron Bay

Byron Bay can be found on the northern coast of New South Wales where beautiful beaches are surrounded by luscious green hills and rural agricultural areas. The trendy village’s popularity heralds back to its pasts where hippies, surfers and artists thrived and called this place their paradise in the 70’s. Today, the village is more known as a coastal escape for backpackers, tourists, city dwellers and bridal parties. When you are travelling it is always a good idea to do research on when the most ideal time of year is to travel.

Let’s be honest, a rainy day in Byron Bay is still ten times better than being at home or at work and while the weather can never be predicted there are better times of the year to visit when the rainfall is low. The best time to visit is in Spring from September to November.


There are several reasons why September to November is the best time to visit including:

  • Dry weather
  • Pleasant temperatures
  • Warm sea temperatures
  • Lower Prices and Fewer Crowds
  • Activities Available

Dry Weather

You really need to have the sun gods on your side when you book a beach holiday such as Byron Bay. The town is well known for its beautiful beaches and whilst you can still enjoy the scenery in the rain, it’s just not the same. Luckily, spring is known for low rainfall in Byron Bay. Visit between September to November for the best chance to avoid the rain. Average expected rainfall in September is around 70mm for the month while in peak summer periods Byron Bay can receive up to 200mm per month.

Pleasant Temperatures

Winter is over, so temperatures are starting to rise again making it an ideal time to hit the open waters for swimming, surfing or diving without the need of a wetsuit.

Spring is a great time to visit because the humidity is low and temperatures are comfortable around 22 to 24 degrees. The sea breeze also provides some relief from the warm sun making it the perfect time of year to tackle the walk to the Bryon Bay Lighthouse.

Warmer Sea Temperatures

The warmer temperatures also mean warmer sea temperatures. Spring is a far more pleasant time to head out for a swim or surf. Rip off that wetsuit and head out paddling in water temperatures ranging from 21 to 25 degrees.

Lower Prices, Fewer Crowds

Spring in Byron Bay is considered the quiet, off peak season except for the 2 weeks school holiday period that occurs at the end of September through to October. Spring is an ideal time to travel as airfares and accommodation prices are lower in an effort to encourage more people to visit. Come and get your Vitamin D hit and save some money in the process by traveling in the off-season.

One of the reasons that Byron Bay is so popular is that it is a quiet, uncrowded beach getaway, however, it is not so pleasant or quiet in the summer when the small town becomes crowded. Accommodations are booked out, restaurants are always busy and there are cars and people everywhere. The quiet, relaxing vibe disappears.

It is a far more relaxing experience to come in spring when you can easily navigate around the town on foot or by car without having to fight for a hotel room, car park, seat in a restaurant or space to lay your towel on the beach. If you are after a quiet escape and you can travel outside of school holidays then I urge you to consider spring over summer.

Activities On Offer

There are many activities on offer this time of year. One of those is whale watching. Experience the awe of Humpback Whales up close as they may their migration along the Australian coastline. It is also likely you will come across Byron Bay’s dolphin population, turtles and sea birds.

Head out on the waters on a sea kayak or learn to surf or dive. If that is not exciting enough for you then there is always hang gliding, hot air ballooning or skydiving. For something a little different you can head out to the Crystal Castle and view some of the largest crystals in the world in a beautiful mountain top location or tackle the Mt Warning hike at sunrise.

There is also the scenic lighthouse walk, visits to The Farm, markets and beautiful country drives to nearby towns such as Evans Head, Kingscliff, Bangalow and more.

If we haven’t convinced you to travel to Byron Bay in Spring yet then head to our main experiences page to view some of the tours and attractions on offer.

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  1. Is OCTOBER a good time to visit. I’m looking for my 1st trip ever outside of the US. I’m looking for a quiet off season time to visit Byron Bay. Stay at a place where I can walk to most everything. I finally got a passport, so I want to use it.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      October is Spring in Australia and a great time to visit Byron Bay. The busy school holidays are over and the weather is starting to warm up. October is also whale watch season and you will be able to spot mothers and their calves as they travel south back to Antarctica.

      Byron Bay is a small coastal town so once you are here there is no need for the car with restaurants, supermarkets, beaches and activities nearby.

      We hope you add Australia to your travel plans.

      Thank You

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