Bay of Islands

New Zealand

Located off the remote north-eastern tip of New Zealand’s North Island, the stunning Bay of Islands is considered a favourite holiday destination for Aussies, New Zealanders and international visitors alike.

A paradise for those who love all things marine, the region is renowned for its beauty that includes a bevvy of wonderful landscapes and abundant aquatic life such as dolphins, whales and much more that make it a sightseeing joy. All of the above combine to make the

All of the above combine to make the Bay of Islands a great destination for exploring the waters and land alike – the region is home to 144 individual islands in total – with perhaps its most famous natural feature, the unique Hole in the Rock formation, a staple and essential must-do if you’re visiting the area.

The region is rich in history, being one of the first points of contact for Maori migration and also the site where the country’s Treaty of Waitangi was signed between European settlers and New Zealand’s Maori inhabitants, and the Waitangi Treaty Grounds (offering a veritable smorgasbord of cultural highlights) remains a popular spot to visit this day.

Dolphin swims are also exceedingly popular, providing travellers with the chance to get up close with these intelligent and playful ocean mammals while many cruises provide both single day and more robust overnight options for those who want to experience the Bay of Islands in more detail.

The region is also a renowned diving destination with many reefs and shipwrecks to discover and explore. This area features a delightful balance between relaxation and opportunities for fun and learning with experiences and activities to suit any taste and budget, a visit to the Bay of Islands is essential for a true Kiwi holiday experience.

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