The Australian Travel Photography Awards sponsored by Experience Oz and Ted’s Cameras Store concluded last night with the awards night in Sydney at the Ted’s World of Imaging Centre. The awards were established in recognition of the significant relationship between travel and photography and our desire to capture Australia’s stunning landscapes on camera for all to enjoy.

Since it’s launch on the 15th April, we have received over 5,600 entries into the competition across ten categories. Each winner will go home with a $1,000’s of camera equipment and an Experience Oz Gift Card for future adventures. We’d like to take this opportunity to not only congratulate our winners but thank everyone for participating in our inaugural Australian Travel Photography Awards.

Here are our ten talented photographers and their spectacular shots.

Experiences Category

Sponsored By Canon

James Vodicka – @jamesvodicka

Snorkeling Experience Oz

Money and material possessions can buy happiness up to a point and research by psychologists show that experiences result in greater joy because of the cherished memories that last a lifetime. By investing in experiences over material possessions, there is a more significant opportunity to connect with people, forge relationships and appreciate the beauty all around us.

Experience Oz is a huge advocate of the notion that ‘experiences are better than things’; in fact, it is our company motto. Experience Oz proudly sponsored the award with Canon and our congratulations go to James Vodicka.


Anand Ajay
Alex Mayes
Chaiwat Leelakajonkij
Levi Looke

AnandAjayBree MayesChaiwatLeelakajonkijLeviLooke


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera + Canon EF 24-105mmf/4L iS USM

Action Category

Sponsored by GoPro #GoProANZ

Aaron Sullivan – @azzaj

Whether it is fear, time or skill preventing you from participating in life’s fantastic adrenaline rushes, new technology introduced by GoPro gives everyone a chance to experience the action. Raw footage gives a visceral feeling to the viewer and an opportunity to experience what is taking place in motion. The winner for the action category goes to Aaron Sullivan who put us all in the driver seat and took us for a fun go-kart ride. Congratulations Aaron.


Andres Vega
James Vodicka
Luke Rogers
Nico Formica


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + GoPro Fusion + GoPro Hero 7 Black + GoPro Hero 7 Silver

Wildlife Category

Sponsored by Panasonic

Jasmine Vink – @jasmine_vink

The difficulty of wildlife photography should not be underestimated. The speed and agility of a subject is often not a match for us mere mortals but if timed perfectly can capture an incredible moment. Australia is a haven for wildlife and photography plays a vital role in how we view animals and their environment. Jasmine Vink was selected as the winner for her outstanding wildlife picture sponsored by Panasonic. Well done Jasmine.


Duncan Grant
Ron Johnson
Daniella Cortis
Lachlan Gallagher


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + LUMIX DC-G9 + LUMIX G Lens H-RS100400E

Architecture Category

Sponsored by Sony

Kasey Funnell – @kaseyfunnelphotography

Australia’s history is taking shape right before our eyes. You only need to look up to the skies to appreciate the heritage buildings, structures and modern marvels that are popping up in our major capital cities. Sony sponsored the category and the judges were unanimous in selecting Kasey Funnell as the winner for this photograph. Congratulations Kasey.


Hoi Chung Cheung
Pauline Kirby
Paz Rahn
Shaan Herbert


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Sonya6500 + Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Drone Category

Sponsored by CR Kennedy

Tom Rosoman – @theupshotaustralia

Our fascination with looking at the world from above dates back hundreds of years. From the international space race to the first man on the moon, humans have always been fascinated with aerial views of our planet. Until recently, this phenomenon was restricted to the military, but now, drones are readily available and skilled photographers are showing us what Australia looks like from above. Skydiving not required. CR Kennedy sponsored the Drone category, and the judges have chosen Tom Rosoman as the winner. Congratulations Tom.


Chloe Todd
Darcy Schmidt
Mitchell Clarke
Sharyn Coffee


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + DJI Mavic Air

Landscape Category

Sponsored by Fujifilm

Daniel Kyriacou – @dcphotog_

Australia is a country filled with diverse terrain and the brief was to showcase our nations iconic and hidden landscapes uniquely. From a sunburnt country to lush rainforest, mountain ranges and unforgettable sunsets and beyond, the possibilities were limitless.  Fujifilm sponsored the landscape category, and the winner is… Daniel Kyriacou. The judges loved your photograph.


Anton Galitch
Claire Walsh
George Lombardo
Grant Higginson


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Fujifilm X-T30 + Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS

Macro Category

Sponsored by Olympus

Alex Scaffini – @purenatureaustralia

With the help of technology, macro photography gives an extreme close up of subjects, including plants or flowers. No studio is required- you can explore the macro environment of your very own backyard. Olympus sponsored the macro category, and Alex Scaffini was awarded the prize for this spectacular photograph.


Helen Woodford
Jannico Kelk
Morrie Mariani
Veronica Williams


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Olympus OM-D E-M5 Camera Body + M.Zuiko ED 60mm f2.8 Weatherproof Premium Macro Lens

Night Category

Sponsored by Nikon

Tony Law – @tonylaw128

Night photography can represent an element of difficulty with light sources, shadows and natural sources of light all coming into play. However, it also presents an opportunity to discover nocturnal wildlife or see the moon and stars like you never seen them before. Nikon proudly sponsored the night category, and the winning photographer is Tony Law.


Demi Penfold
Peter West
Samuel Markham
Zhengyi Zhang


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Nikon Z6 + Nikon Z 24-70mm F4 S Zoom + Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter – F to Z Mount

Aquatic Category

Sponsored by Olympus

Mark Seabury – @markseabury

Over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is water and an entirely new world exists below the surface. Australia’s geographic location makes for some incredible photographic opportunities. Our oceans are home to the Great Barrier Reef, remote tropical islands and sea critters that swim past our shores every year. Olympus sponsored the aquatic category and Mark Seabury’s image of humpback whales was a clear standout.


Devis Alberti
Jack Marr
Jeremy Somerville
Miyuru Ediriweera


$250 Experience Oz Gift Card + Olympus TG-5 + Olympus PT-058 Underwater Housing + Olympus UFL-3 Underwater Flash + PTSA-02

People’s Choice

Sponsored by CR Kennedy

Pam Field

Now more than ever, exceptional photography is on our radar thanks in part to the internet and social media platforms that allow for photos to be shared with the world instantly. In the special people’s choice category, we opened up the floor to you- the Australian public- to select a shortlist of the best photos submitted in this category. CR Kennedy sponsored the category. The public has spoken and the winner was Pam Field. Congratulations Pam.


Ariel Darley
Harrison Harper
Melinda Pryor
Vivek Sanderz


$250 Experience Oz Giftcard + Moza Air 2 Gimbal

Once again, we’d like to congratulate all our talented photographers. We hope their images have inspired you on your pursuit to capture the world on camera during your travels. If you are currently looking for adventure and a subject for your next travel photography shoot, head to our experiences page and see how you can make it extraordinary.



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