Australian Outback Spectacular: Salute to the Light Horse Review

Combining the iconic ocker Aussie stockman, impressive acrobatics, a collection of adorable and talented animals and a storyline set to tug at the heart strings, the Gold Coast’s Australian Outback Spectacular is an evening out you won’t want to miss.

Upon our arrival at the AOS hall off the highway, fellow guests awaiting the opening of the doors joined us. With large school and tour groups to young families and elderly couples, it was clear to see that AOS caters to a range of ages. After being greeted by the friendly plaid-wearing staff members we were handed our iconic AOS straw hats and ushered in for a group photo.

The first part of the evening was much like being at a real life country party, with live music from a talented young man, a fully stocked bar, gift shop and seating areas the evening was off to a good start. Perhaps the major highlight of the area was the animals flanking the hall. There were horses, a talented border collie named Digger and five more Christmas-themed border collies patiently waiting to be ogled by the crowd. The best part about these animals was that you were able to have your photo snapped with them. You can have your photo taken with any and all of the animals for no upfront fee, all you need to do is show the photographer your ticket and the printed photos will be brought to you with the option of purchasing towards the end of the show.