South Australia

South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, is known as the ‘City of Churches’ and features a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate, scenic coastal location and serves as a great gateway to plenty of natural highlights in SA’s neighbouring areas.

Adelaide Map

Lacking the urban build-up of Australia’s larger capitals, the city’s easy-to-navigate layout and friendly locals make for a refreshing change of pace. Adelaide city reflects the SA bent towards quality food and drink in that it boasts a great variety of dining options and even has entire streets devoted to restaurants, cafes and pubs that put most other capitals to shame.

In addition, one of the focal points of Adelaide that acts as an activity hub is the mighty Murray River – the longest river network in Australia – that offers an opportunity for cruises and aquatic activity experiences that often prove popular for visitors and locals alike.

Adelaide’s geographical location also plays a large role in making it attractive for visitors, as the city serves as an ideal base for exploring a number of striking Australian regions that can be accessed nearby. The verdant greenery of the Barossa Valley, the rugged scenery and wildlife of Kangaroo Island, and even the likes of Victor Harbour and the Clare Valley all serve as viable day trip destinations that each provide a showcase of some different part of SA’s uniqueness.

If you’re looking to pay a visit to this haven of wine, architecture and great surrounding nature, be sure to check out our travel guides below for everything you ever wanted to know about visiting Australia’s southern capital, Adelaide.

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