Exciting news for Sea World with the marine based theme park announcing a new entertainment precinct called ‘The New Atlantis’. The outdoor precinct is based on the myths and legends of the utopian destination with construction already underway opening in three stages. The New Atlantis will feature three new attractions with the first attraction opening in December in time for the summer holidays.

Image Supplied by Village Roadshow

The Vortex

Thrill seekers can enjoy their first ride on The Vortex in December 2019. The wild ride will take riders through tumbling through the air on a pendulum style ride that whirls above the choppy waters below. The Vortex will be the newest ride to open at Sea World since the launch of the Sea World Sky Flyer.

The Trident

Gearing up for a grand opening in April 2020 is a new ride called The Trident, a spinning attraction that will soar 52 metres into the air with incredible views of the theme park and the Main Beach coastline.

The Leviathan

The final piece of ‘The New Atlantis’ puzzle will arrive in December 2020 completing the themed precinct. The Leviathan will be a wooden rollercoaster with a 32 metre track that will thunder along and the forward thinking designers of the ride have designed the back two seats so guests can travel in reverse which will keep the ride fresh for thrill seekers.

The lost city of Atlantis is a game changer for Sea World and will feature intricate waterfalls, statues, intricate rockwork, landscaping and an amphitheatre set to wow guests.

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