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The 9 Scariest Bungy Jumps in Australia and New Zealand

Bungy (or bungee) jumping is one of the most action-packed, adrenaline-inducing adventures one can embark on, and it’s no surprise that it originated down our neck of the woods in humble New Zealand. What was once a fun activity enjoyed by a few men from NZ has now grown into a world wide phenomenon for thrill seekers across the globe.

So, if you’re looking to experience the true adrenaline punch of bungy jumping there’s no better destination to try it than where it was born. There are 9 different bungy opportunities spread around New Zealand and Australia, with the main cluster featured in the adventure capital of the world; Queenstown.

Like all of you adventurers out there, we here at Experience Oz love a good thrill ride, so we’ve put together this list ranking all of the 9 jumps in order of height, beauty and overall scariness.

3.. 2.. 1.. BUNGY!

9. Hanmer Springs, NZ

Height: 35-metres


The smallest free fall on the list, Hanmer Springs’ bungy jump leaps down on a 35-metre free fall. Jumping off the historic Ferry Bridge near Christchurch, this exhilarating fall plunges into the picturesque canyon below.

With the option of an individual or tandem jump and secured with a full body harness, you’ll step up to the ledge and be eager jump off this 135 year old bridge. Age and weight restrictions apply, jumpers must be over 12 years of age and weigh no less than 35 kilograms. To commemorate your jump you’ll receive a complimentary t-shirt and certificate.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– $NZ169/$AU155.50 per person

8. Brisbane, QLD

Height: 40-metres


Located around 20-minutes from Brisbane and about 30-minutes from the Gold Coast, Kingston Park Raceway’s Bungy Jumping is South East Queensland’s only bungy centre. From the top of the 40-metre purpose built crane you’ll receive lovely views of the surrounding area, however most jumpers find their nerves are too prominent to take in the views.

The bungy site is relatively new to the area after relocating from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. With the tag line, ‘don’t think about it! Just do it! Go Bungy!’ they friendly crew recommends you do just that, especially first time jumpers.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– $AU149/$NZ165.40 per person

7. Auckland, NZ

Height: 40-metres

auckland bungy

Break the norm of climbing the Harbour Bridge and jump off it! With a variety of jumps on offer you can play it safe with a traditional ankle tie or raise the stakes with a harness or tandem jump. This jump receives praise above Brisbane for its gorgeous views overlooking (and dipping into) the harbour.

The location couldn’t be any more perfect; you’ll begin your adventure with a bridge walk out to the specially constructed bungy pod. This is New Zealand’s only ocean touch bungy, giving jumpers the chance to go for a quick dip while they’re down there. Plunging into the Waitemata Harbour, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and on an all time high after you’ve been winched back up to the top.

Another added bonus is the free jump t-shirt, because it didn’t happen unless you have the t-shirt to prove it – right?

Price (Approximate conversions)

– Child (10 to 14 years) $NZ130/$AU119.60

– Adult $NZ160/$AU147.20

6. Rotorua, NZ

Height: 43-metres

rotorua bungy

Looking over the idyllic Paradise Valley, Agroventures’ Rotorua bungy is incredible. With your calves and ankles safely secured to three safety cords, this is one of the most popular introductory bungy jumps in the country. The jump is also assisted with a waist harness for added safety, this usually helps settle the nerves for those cautious, first time jumpers.

There are a few ways to jump; you can go solo or tandem with a friend or experienced instructor – it’s up to you. Restrictions apply, as jumpers are required to be over the age of 10 and weigh more than 35 kilograms. For those mini jumpers aged between 10 and 16 years of age, consent from a parent or guardian is needed before jumping.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– $NZ109/$AU98 per person

5. Kawarau (Queenstown), NZ

Height: 43-metres


The Kuwarau Bridge bungy was the first commercial bungy jump in the world started by the father of bungy himself, which is why we rank just in front of the Rotorua jump. Started in 1988 by AJ Hackett, this is the only site in Queenstown for a tandem jump. With the option of touching the water (or being dunked completely) the beautiful colours of the region will make this jump one to remember.

Like all jumps, there are age and weight restrictions. Jumpers must be at least 10 years old (under 14’s need to be accompanied by an adult) and must weigh more than 35 kilograms and less than 235 kilograms. Also, the weight different between tandem jumpers must not exceed 30 kilograms. For a fun turn of events, there are no clothing requirements for jumpers; in fact one of their popular options is going completely naked. You’ll receive a certificate and t-shirt to commemorate your triumph of the world’s oldest bungy jump.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– Adult $NZ195/$AU179.40

– Child (10 to 14 years) $NZ145/$AU133.40

4. The Ledge (Queenstown), NZ

Height: 47-metres


Another Queenstown favourite, The Ledge Jump is perched 400 metres above the picturesque city and lets jumpers reach a height (or depth) of 47 metres. Jumping off The Ledge doesn’t have to be boring; you can choose to take the leap a number of ways with the help of their Jump Menu. The menu features the Swan Dive, Matrix, Hand Stand, Karate Kid, and Pendulum – the choice is all yours.

If daytime bungy is too plain, the Ledge is the only night bungy site in the country. Exclusive to the winter season, you can ski down the Queenstown slopes by day and jump off a giant ledge by night – easy. The jumps are secured with a full body harness with the option of a freestyle bungy jump available. You’ll also receive a free t-shirt at the end to commemorate your massive feat.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– Adult $NZ195/$AU179.40

– Child (10 to 14 years) $NZ145/$AU133.40

3. Taupo, NZ

Height: 47-metres


Taking out 3rd place for its status as the highest water touch bungy in the country, Taupo’s Bungy Jump falls over the scenic Waikato River Valley. With the option of doing a solo or tandem jump this is one of the North Island’s most popular bungy jumps. Jumping off a platform projecting out from the cliff-top, the views looking over the Waikato River are just incredible.

Water touch jumps are a Taupo bungy specialty with levels ranging from just a hand touch to a full body dunk; the experienced crew know how to make it a memorable trip down. Jumpers must be older than 10 years old and those under 15 years require a parent/guardian’s signature to jump, there is no maximum age, their oldest jumper to date was 90 years old. There are also weight restrictions – 45 kilograms minimum and 180 kilograms maximum.

Price (Approximate conversions)


– $NZ169/$AU155.50 per person


– $AU311 per 2 people

2. Cairns, QLD

Height: 50-metres

cairns bungy

The second spot is taken out by Far North Queensland’s bungy in the tropical haven of Cairns. The first bungy site in Australia, this 50-metre high platform is a must-try for those looking to incorporate adventure with gorgeous scenery. With tropical surroundings and a party atmosphere you’ll want to jump again as soon as you’ve completed your first jump. There are 16 different jumping styles to choose from, giving you the chance to make your trip down to the water different each time.

The Cairns site is home to the World Record for most bungy jumps in 24 hours, they clocked up a total of 542! Jumpers brave enough to take the plunge will receive a commemorative t-shirt and certificate.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– $AU159/$NZ176 per person

1. Nevis (Queenstown), NZ

Height: 134-metres

queenstown nevis bungy

We saved the best for last, the highest bungy in all of Australasia resides in Queenstown. The Nevis Highwire Bungy is a whopping 134 metres high! Providing one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you can find in the country, this isn’t a jump for the faint hearted. The adventure begins from the journey to the tower itself where you can take in the famous Queenstown scenery to hopefully calm your nerves before you take the plunge.

Diving into the Nevis River this is a once in a lifetime experience with a total of 8.5 seconds of free fall. The minimum age for jumpers is 13 (kids under 14 need adult accompaniment) and the max age is 110 years. In terms of weight, jumpers must weigh more than 45 kilograms and less than 127 kilograms. To top off this great experience you’ll receive a jump shirt and certificate to help with your bragging when you get home.

Price (Approximate conversions)

– $NZ275/$AU253 per person

– Spectator $NZ50/$AU46

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