9 Awesome Snorkelling Destinations Around Australia

Think crystal clear waters, colourful corals, schools of tropical fish, gliding manta rays, and majestic whale sharks and you’ve practically summed up snorkelling Australia’s beautiful reefs. On both the east and west coast of Australia, there are flourishing ecosystems located just under the water waiting to amaze visitors

So whether you’re holidaying on the Queensland, New South Wales, or West Australian coasts, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to snorkelling options. So grab your bathers, fins, snorkel, mask and camera and get ready to embark on one of the best snorkelling adventures in Australia!

9. Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island, Queensland

Holding the title of the largest sand island in the world and located just off the south-east Queensland coast, Fraser Island offers visitors the chance to get up close to marine life without the hassle of travelling further up the coast or to the other side of the country.

Home to the vibrant blue Lake McKenzie, and the green-tinged Lake Wabby, this World Heritage Listed island is right up there with the Great Barrer Reef, Kakadu and Uluru in terms of popular tourist attractions.

Image: Tasman Venture

Covering an area of 184,000 hectares and stretching 123 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide, Fraser has more than enough sights to see and things to do to keep you occupied. The pristine waters of the island including the various freshwater creeks and lakes make for ideal swimming and snorkelling conditions with dolphins, sea turtles, and various different species of tropical fish all calling the area home.

There are a number of local tour companies that operate day and overnight tours to Fraser Island, including Tasman Venture. During whale migration season Tasman Venture is a popular choice for eager whale watchers, however, outside of the season, they offer single and multi-day trips to Fraser from Hervey Bay.

Image: Tasman Venture

Robbie Cornelius from DR Tourism, a representative of Tasman Venture, explained that Fraser Island “is home to picturesque inland freshwater lakes, as well as a number of truly spectacular creeks that flow into the ocean.” The island offers visitors the chance to explore the ocean, freshwater creeks, and luscious bushland all in the same day.

As the ocean can be a danger with strong rips a hazard to swimmers, Wathumba Creek on the western side of the island is a popular choice for snorkellers looking to explore. Often secluded due to the isolated location on the island, the freshwater creek is home to a large variety of wildlife.

With Tasman Venture, you’ll be able to visit the creek and embark on a tour with the experienced crew who will be able to point out exactly what you’re seeing.

“Wathumba Creek is a snorkeller’s paradise with crystal clear, protected waters that are home to a range of species including turtles, rays, and an incredibly diverse range of fish species.”

Robbie Cornelius, DR Tourism