7 Instagram-Worthy Experiences in Canberra

Canberra has often been overlooked as a travel destination by international visitors and Australians alike.

But after recently being voted one of the world’s three hottest destinations by travel company Lonely Planet, there has been some much-needed hype surrounding our country’s capital.

While it’s all well and good to visit Canberra and take in the sights and sounds, it’s another thing to capture your best moments in the perfect instagram snap. That’s why we decided to find the best places to do just that! With some beautiful scenery, awesome experiences and delicious eateries, Canberra is filled to the brim with must-do adventures.

Filling one day or one-week itineraries will be easy once you’ve taken note of our top 7 Instagram-worthy experiences around the capital.

7. National Zoo & Aquarium

Where?: 999 Lady Denman Dr, Yarralumla

One of the country’s best animal attractions, it’s no wonder snapping a photo of the hungry kangaroos, poised lions or curious giraffes is on the list. As an added bonus, it’s the only combination zoo and aquarium in the country, so you’re knocking two awesome attractions off your list in one visit!

6. National Botanic Gardens

Where?: Clunies Ross St, Acton

For obvious reasons, the National Botanic Gardens are on this list. Being the ‘First Gardens’ of the country, they know how to set the botanical standards for the rest of Australia. With an incredible display of fauna and flora – there are more than 78,000 plants if you want to be specific – including one-third of all Australian species.

You’ll be able to find the best #candid photo background easily, and the best part about it is that it’s completely free! Did we mention that it’s also a great picnic spot? But if you don’t want to BYO then you can grab a table at the local cafe.

5. Patissez Cafe

Where?: 40 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra City

The original home of the decadent and delicious FreakShake, the team at Patissez know how to create some drool-worthy and Instagram-worthy sweets. If you’re ready to join the fans and grab yourself a FreakShake to first photograph then devour, you can choose from the Freakin Nutz, the Salty Nutz, Like a Velvet, and Cookies n Freaks to name a few.

It’s not just the shakes that keep ‘grammers coming back for more and #patissez, it’s also their delicious food. Cooking up a range of cafe favourites, the presentation is impeccable and worth a few flat lay snaps (or three). This is no surprise seeing as the geniuses behind this were contestants on My Kitchen Rules a few years ago.

4. Floriade Festival

Where?: Commonwealth Ave, Parkes

While this may not be something that’s available all year round, if you’re in Canberra during the months of September and October then you’ll want to attend Floriade Festival. A floral-lovers dream, Floriade is all about the bright, aromatic world of – yes, you guessed it – flowers. With colourful displays perfectly pruned and arranged to depict various different shapes and scenes such as hearts, rainbows and large flowers, even, you’ll be able to snap some amazing Instagram-worthy photos left, right and centre.

Floriade was part of the reason Canberra was listed as our number one destination for the Top Places to visit in October, and after seeing a few photos of the event it’s not hard to see why. So do yourself (and your Instagram account) a favour and pencil Floriade Australia into your diary and get ready to be blown away by the impressive visuals of this festival during the day AND night. Oh, and it’s dog-friendly, yep, there’ll be doggos everywhere!

3. Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Where?: National Zoo & Aquarium, 999 Lady Denman Dr, Canberra

Taking your normal National Zoo and Aquarium visit a leap further, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge is one of THE best places to spend a night in Canberra. Surrounded by wildlife, you’ll be treated to endless incredible moments during your stay here. Don’t just take our word for it, Jamala Wildlife Lodge won the 2017 award for the Best Deluxe Accommodation in Australia and it’s not hard to see why. With large glass windows separating you and some of the world’s most incredible wildlife, including bears, lions, giraffes and tigers, you won’t know where to look – or photograph – first.

All overnight stays follow an itinerary to ensure you make the most out of your visit. The itineraries include safaris of the grounds to get up close to the animals while also learning about their habits and habitats.

2. National Gallery of Australia

Where?: Parkes Pl E, Parkes

One of the largest art museums in the entire country, the National Gallery of Australia houses some of the best exhibits from a collection of Australia’s best artists. Displaying various thought-provoking pieces in the form of permanent and travelling exhibits, you can easily spend hours admiring the instalments and photographing some of the coo, abstract pieces in the gallery. There are more than 166,000 works housed in the gallery, so you’ll be sure to find more than a few pieces that photograph beautifully.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a lover of art, a visit to the National Gallery of Australia is a must-do experience that all visitors to the city should tick off at least once.

1. Hot Air Ballooning

Where?: Pialligo

We’ve listed some of the city’s best attractions and sights, but there’s nothing like taking in the city’s landscape from the basket of a hot air balloon as you float amongst the clouds. Local operator, Balloon Aloft Canberra, is on hand to take you up, up and away, providing you with not only some of the most amazing views of the Australian capital but also with some of the cities most breathtaking photo opportunities.

It’s not just the flight that is a haven for photographers, but the entire experience. From watching the balloon be inflated to seeing it rolled up, you’ll be able to document the whole experience from start to finish. There’s also a delicious Champagne celebration at the Hyatt Hotel following the flight, so you can document all the different aspects of this dream experience.

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If you’re interested in exploring the beautiful city of Canberra for yourself, you can check out our full catalogue which lists a number of things to do all around the region.

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