7 Amazing Destinations For 7 Couple Dynamics

Planning a trip with your significant other or travel buddy? Not sure where to go or what to do? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve found that almost every couple and the travelling duo has a certain dynamic; are you the couple that goes for a morning jog every Saturday or do you ritualise your sleep in? Do you enjoy your food and wine or take #candid photos of it? No matter what dynamic drives your partnership, we’ve come up with a list of experiences to suit your overall personality.

Focusing on 7 different couple types, we’ve highlighted an ideal destination with a list of suitable activities, experiences and attractions for the both of you to enjoy. From the romantic relaxers to the thrill-seekers, here is our complete list.

NOTE: If you and your significant other seem to be on two different wavelengths about what a ‘holiday’ is, we suggest it’s best to run (or at least pick up your walking pace) now because a lazy holiday lover travelling with an energetic holiday-er is never going to work in our opinion (just saying). So either work on a compromise or plan two separate holidays.

The Foodies

Adelaide & The Barossa Valley, South Australia

There is nothing that can stand between you, your partner and an incredible culinary experience and we fee the hunger pains just as much as you do. Whether you’re visiting from abroad or interstate, there is one place that comes to mind when the stomach grumbles for more – Adelaide. The South Australian capital is renowned for its incredible food culture so without hesitation we’ve decided to make it the first point of call. Whoever began the misconception that Adelaide is ‘boring’ clearly never ate for the entire time they were visiting!

The big event of the year is the Tasting Australia event – bringing together celebrity chefs from all around the country and around the world. Your palate will rejoice at the mouth-watering food that is being cooked, served and talked about at this popular festival. Held every year at the beginning of May, this week-long event provides a week’s worth of gourmet food to locals and visitors alike. A must-see, must-taste, must-try event that if your planned trip doesn’t coincide with this event, you will just have to go back especially for it.

Also in Adelaide is the famed Adelaide Central Market, serving fresh fruit, veg and artisanal products to the wider community since 1869. Showcasing more than 80 traders, the ACM is one of the biggest undercover markets in the entire Southern Hemisphere that alone should make you want to visit.

However, the food is the main drawing card. Vendors deliver their best and freshest fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and baked goods for shoppers to snatch up and enjoy. This is the complete farm to table experience giving you the chance to speak directly with the grower and learn about the food you are eating, oh and of course to eat!

We can’t mention Adelaide without drawing attention to one of its best surrounding assets; the Barossa Valley. Local, boutique wineries focus on producing a delicious Shiraz with various cellar doors serving their signature wines accompanied with delicious bites to eat. You can take various tours around the valley including guided tours, exclusive small group tours and self-guided tours. Bringing together two important aspects of any foodie’s relationship – food and wine – a visit to the Barossa Valley is a must, for your relationship’s sake.

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The Wildlife Lovers

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne isn’t the first thought people have when they think of wildlife encounters in Australia, but Victoria has so many animal interaction opportunities you’ll have had enough of animals by the day’s end (but not really, because there are more animals to cuddle and ogle tomorrow).

The journey begins in the capital city at Melbourne Zoo with the chance to wander around and observe the animals play in their environments or watch an organised feeding with a ranger. But if you’re wanting some hands-on interactions you can take part in a wild encounter to hand feed, pat or even paint with these curious, talented creatures. You can go behind-the-scenes with the zoo’s Asian Elephants to be the artistic director in their casual painting session. You can also hand-feed one of the zoo’s tallest residents, the giraffes or even meet one of the critically endangered Sumatran Tigers.

Continuing the safari, you can pay a visit to Werribee Open Range Zoo. Exactly as it sounds, you will see some of the most feared animals strolling around in this open range safari. Aboard the open carriage, you’ll roll through the large enclosures beside zebras, rhinos and giraffes to name a few, providing you with great photo opportunities. The zoo also has encounters with their gorillas, lion and African Serval.

Moving underwater, the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium on the outskirts of the city is the best way to see and learn about some of the most intriguing underwater creatures we know of. With daily feedings, talks and presentations you can learn all there is to know about the animals that call Melbourne Sea Life home. You will be able to see some playful penguins, giant cuttlefish, loggerhead turtles, blacktip reef sharks and the mighty Pinjarra, the resident saltwater crocodile.

Located a short distance from Melbourne is Phillip Island. Popular for its penguin colonies, the Phillip Island Nature Parks lets you watch the nightly Penguin Parade every day at sunset. Watching these waddling beauties is an experience like no other and a must-see for animal lovers!

Other popular animal encounter destinations are Queenscliff (southwest of Melbourne CBD) to swim with seals and dolphins, Mornington Peninsula (southeast) for horse riding and swimming with sea dragons as well as the popular Healesville Sanctuary (northeast) and Ballarat Wildlife Park (northwest).

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The Fitness Fanatics

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Is your activewear worn more than your pyjamas? Are your joggers constantly glued to your feet? Do you and your partner think of a 5-kilometre run as a warm-up? Then this is the holiday for you! All you’ll need to pack is your active gear and walking shoes for this unforgettable trip explore the best of Tasmania mainly by foot.

For spectacular views and a challenging climb embark on a six-day trek up the popular Cradle Mountain. Led by qualified walking guides, you and your partner will be led around the Overland Track, one of the state’s most iconic adventures. Staying at huts along the way you’ll see some of the best sights the region has to offer and be filled with accomplishment and adrenaline by the end of it (or if you’re not as fit as your activewear makes you out to be; accomplishment and regret).

If you’re still yearning for more exercise then lace up your shoes for an epic four-day hike to the vibrant Bay of Fires. Mix one of the most picturesque destinations in the country with gorgeous beaches, rugged rock formations and a non-stop hike and you’ve got a fit couple’s dream (or an unfit couple’s nightmare).

There is so much to do for those fit band wearing, lycra-clad couples to enjoy any regular person would be severely exhausted by the end of this trip, but not you two! You can also throw in a few extra activities for old times’ sake such as the Tahune Forest Treetop walk including the AirWalk to combine exercise and spectacular views or an invigorating kayak tour along Hobart’s waterfront to see all of the city’s highlights while you work up a sweat paddling your way around.

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The Landscape Lovers

Uluru, Northern Territory

It’s true, Australia is filled with an unimaginable amount of natural beauty, but the North Territory is hands down the best place in Australia for rugged landscapes, large cascading waterfalls, gorgeous gorges (in our opinion anyway). This is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the scenery with your camera and a smile on your face. There are so many historical sights to visit surrounded by stunning landscapes and with strong cultural connections.

The main attraction in the Northern Territory is obviously Uluru, seeing this massive formation in person is a must! However, there are many ways you can experience it – you can enjoy a sunrise or sunset tour, fly over it, walk around it, skydive over it or even explore it on a camel ride.

Some of the other must-see destinations that many might not be aware of are Kings Canyon in the Watarrka National Park, Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge, Arnhemland, Litchfield National Park and the Mary River Wetlands. Yes, this is a large list but you’ll just have to search these sights to see why they are all on the list.

Without sounding bias, the best way to explore these places is with an organised tour. Led by an experienced tour guide you will be shown secret spots with gorgeous vantage points, learn interesting facts about the area from a local and get a real sense of the cultural significance of this beautiful land – all things that you might not find in a book.

Some other highlights worth mentioning are Standley Chasm, Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park’s Ochre Pits, Serpentine Gorge, Ormiston Gorge. So what are you landscape lovers waiting for? Book your flights, organise your itinerary and get ready to be blown away by the Northern Territory’s unmatchable natural beauty.

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The Romantic Relaxers

Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland

Where is Palm Cove you ask? Exactly, is our answer (but actually it is about a half-hour drive north of Cairns). What better place to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company than in a small, slow-moving town like Palm Cove? You are far enough away from the bustling crowds that tend to flock to Cairns and then the smaller, but still busy, crowds that travel to Port Douglas – Palm Cove is the perfect slice of heaven between the two.

The beauty of the location of Palm Cove is that you can do as much or as little in the surrounding sites as you please. On one side you have the Great Barrier Reef, which you can explore on your own or with day trips to various islands or even overnight stays on activity platform or yachts on the reef. If you’d rather swap your fins for some walking shoes you can explore the luscious Atherton Tablelands or Kuranda on the other side.

Just off the coast of Palm Cove lies Double Island, the perfect destination for couples wanting an island escape without having to travel for hours on a boat. Reached only by launch or helicopter settle yourself in at their resort and discover the hidden pleasures of detaching from the outside world and truly experiencing and appreciating the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

If the two of you want to embark on a lazy adventure, hire a car and travel south to Kuranda, catch the Skyrail up the mountain, explore the village and wind your way back down aboard the scenic rail. Though this may seem like a lot of effort you can spread your visit out over the entire day without feeling rushed or out of time.

Now we can’t forget to mention a romantic hot air balloon ride over the Atherton Tablelands. Despite the early wake-up call, this is an incredible experience the two of you can relax into. Gliding over the gorgeous landscape of the tablelands is a breathtakingly romantic sight you won’t want to miss – trust us on this one.

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The Thrill Seekers

Cairns, Tropical North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland is full of surprises providing gems for those romantics and relaxers and now thrill-seekers… let us explain.

Cairns is a popular tourist attraction for many and as a result, the area is overflowing with awesome, action-packed activities to do. If you’re the kind of pair that is always on the lookout for the next heart-thumping adventure then book a flight to Cairns right now! Quick! Go!

You can explore the area from above with skydiving, hang gliding or parasailing, dive back to earth with a bungy jump, explore the water with jet boating, river tubing, white water rafting or jetskiing, shoot back up into the sky with a fly board, run over the rugged land with a four-wheel drive or quad bike and even swim amongst the trees with the Minjin Jungle Swing, jungle surfing and mega zip (and breathe). It’s a lot to take in, but the true adrenalin junkies will have already booked half of these tours.

Thrill-seekers are spoilt for choice in Cairns and we know first hand how fun, exciting and at times frightening these activities can be! But be warned, all of these activities aren’t for the faint-hearted however if you’re on the fence about taking the leap, dive or swing we recommend you take a deep breath, pour yourself a teaspoon of cement, eat said teaspoon and harden up because these are some adventures you won’t regret!

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The Instagram Addicts

Perth, Western Australia

We all know that one couple that photograph everything they do, trying to find the best angle, applying the best filter and just making their life look like a hipster fairy tale. If you don’t know that couple, chances are you are that couple – sorry to break it to you. We love Instagram and understand the importance of a good photo, which is why we chose the Western Australian capital as your launching point for go-to Instagram snaps.

There are so many awesome sights to snap and if we listed them our entire article would scroll for what seemed like forever and we don’t want you to get bored, so we’ll just list our favourite spots. First of all, on the coast of Perth, you have the popular Cottesloe Beach, with its vibrant blue water and large sandy beach, what’s not to like? Travelling away from the capital make your way by ferry over to Rottnest Island to snap one of the coveted selfies with the famous Quokkas.

Other highlights in this extensive state include the awesome natural formation of Wave Rock, the Pinnacles Desert and the mammoth sight of the Valley of the Giants. One of our favourite regions, Margaret River is a must-see, more specifically the gorgeous Shark Bay – the best shots come from above so organise a flight over and get snapping.

Travelling further north, we can’t forget Broome’s popular Cable Beach. Walk along the flat beach with a camel tour for an exciting and interesting tour – walking the beach at sunset will give your photo some stunning colours.

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If our rambling hasn’t sold you yet, just see some of the evidence above or search #WesternAustralia on Instagram.

In addition to the experiences listed above, if you’re looking for all the top things to see and do in and around Australia including activities, attractions and more, be sure to check out our main region section to browse and book online!

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