Sea World is an adored marine theme park based on the Gold Coast with world class animal exhibits featuring all of your favourite marine creatures. For many visitors, it is their first encounter with Dolphins, Penguins, Seals, Polar Bears or even Sharks which is just one of the reasons why Sea World is so magical.

But, did you know that Sea World also gives members of the public the chance to go behind the scenes to meet some of the animals? These extraordinary animal adventures are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about our mysterious oceans and the wildlife that inhabit them. Here we share with you 5 extraordinary animal adventures at Sea World Gold Coast.

1. Dolphin Deep Water Adventure

Sea World Dolphin Deep Water Adventure

Dolphins are the star attraction of Sea World so it’s no surprise that the dolphin encounters are regularly sold out. Prepare to get wet on the Dolphin Deep Water Adventure which will see you get into the water with the dolphins for an interactive experience with the friendly mammals. A photograph is included in the experience and the Marine Mammal Trainer will give you a personal presentation about dolphins and their environment during the 45 minute encounter.

The Dolphin Deep Water Adventure is exclusively available for 14 lucky guests who must be aged 9+ and 132cm tall to participate. Get in early to avoid any disappointment. It is not uncommon for the Dolphin Deep Water Adventure to book out weeks in advance during school holiday peak periods.


2. Dolphin Aqua Adventure for Children

Dolphin Aqua Adventure Sea World

Young children can also meet dolphins in a special program designed for juniors. Children will never forget their Dolphin Aqua Adventure which involves 20 minutes in the water meeting Sea World’s dolphins.

The experience takes place in shallow waters where children can stand on a submerged platform and watch the dolphins up close in the pool. Marine trainers will demonstrate dolphin behaviours and each child will also receive a souvenir photograph to take home with them.


 3. Penguin Antarctic Adventure

Sea World Penguin Adventure

The Penguin Antarctic Adventure has got to be the coolest animal experience available on the Gold Coast. During the encounter, you will be given a back of house tour of the state of the art Penguin exhibit that replicates Antarctica for the King and Gentoo Penguins. During the tour, you’ll see where they receive medical treatment and their food is prepared.

Next, comes the moment of truth when you gear up in ski jackets, gloves and boots and step out onto the ice. You’re in the Penguin’s domain now but don’t worry because they are just as curious about you as you are of them. They are also looking to be fed and suspect that you may have some fishy treats for them. Watch first hand as the penguins dive in and jump out of the water searching for their food. How many people can say they have come face to face with a penguin?


4. Seal Safari

Sea World Seal SafariThe seals often get a bad reputation. Not because they are dangerous or scary but because they give off a bit of fishy smell. And while this may be true (and who could blame them), the seals are very cheeky and full of personality. In fact, they love the interaction with humans even more than the dolphins. And the mammals can share their time between the water and the land too.

The Seal Safari includes 20 minutes in the water where the seals will show off their underwater swimming abilities. You’ll even get to pat and feed them during the animal adventure. Among some of the seals at Sea World are Australian Sea Lions or Californian Sea Lions. Participants must be aged 14+ and at least 132cm tall to face off with the seals.


5. Tropical Reef Snorkel

Tropical Reef Snorkel Sea World

Want to experience the Great Barrier Reef without travelling to North Queensland? Sea World’s tropical reef is the next best thing and two reef snorkel experiences are available to join each day and thankfully the water is heated all year round.

The 60 minute experience takes place in the reef lagoon with a dive leader. Snorkel with graceful manta rays, hundreds of tropical fish and harmless Black and White Tip Reef Sharks. After the Tropical Reef Snorkel experience, you’ll likely be tempted to book a holiday to the Great Barrier Reef to witness the real natural wonder in all its glory.


6. Whale Watching

Sea World Whale Watch Cruise

Experience a breathtaking encounter with Humpback Whales and watch as they play on their annual migration past Australian shores. Just minutes away from Sea World, you can be cruising the open waters to see the beauty of the world’s largest mammal as they breach and dive along the Gold Coast shoreline.

The 2.5 hour Sea World Whale Watching Cruise runs four times a day at 7.30am, 10 am, 12.30pm and 3 pm from Sea World Cruise Terminal at Sea World Drive. Travelling on the brand new vessel, there are 6 spacious viewing platforms from sea level to the sundeck including an underwater hydrophone that can listen to the whale songs of whales nearby. On board, naturalists and marine experts provide commentary during this incredible animal experience. Keep an eye out for common whale behaviours including whale blows, breaches and tail slaps.


It is important to note that these animal experiences are not included in Sea World general admission tickets and must be booked in separately for a specified date and session. Sea World’s animal experiences are strictly limited to a few lucky guests so make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

For more information about the Sea World’s Animal experiences and other Gold Coast tour and activities be sure to pay a visit to our main experiences page.


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