23 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Adelaide

We’re putting our foot down and removing the idea that Adelaide is a boring place. We’ve done our research and come to a solid conclusion that the South Australian capital and the whole state for that matter, is one of THE places to be this year.

From its mouth-watering food and thirst quenching wine to its curious wildlife and accessibility, we have come up with 23 solid reasons for why Adelaide and its surrounding should be your next point of call.

We will start off by saying this is a partly biased article as we’re basing these points on what we, the Experience Oz + NZ team, value in our lives. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion as to why certain elements of the city frequent the list (by not giving too much away, we’re talking about food).

We’ve listed a mixture of free and monetary experiences to give you a little insight into what is arguably one of the best food and wine capitals in Australia (again, we’re focused on food). Enjoy!

23. The Murray River


One of the most iconic rivers in the country, the Murray is the longest in Australia and the third longest in the world. Take a trip out on the river with a cruise aboard the Titanic-esque (not really) riverboat.

22. The South Australian Museum

A natural history museum founded in 1856 is a must-see for history buffs. So join the cue to see one of the most visited museums in Australia.

21. Himeji Gardens

Himeji Gardens

A gift from Adelaide’s sister city Himeji in 1982 the gardens are a perfect place to relax in peace. Need we say more?

20. Maslin Beach

A scenic beach, Maslin Beach is quite popular with the locals as part of the beach is a designated nudist beach – yes, a nudist beach.

19. Mount Lofty Summit by night


Peaking 710-metres above sea level you’ll have sweeping views of the city and surrounding areas mixed with dining options. Local landmarks are signed as well as coin-operated telescopes for a clearer view.

18. WOMADelaide

One of Australia’s most fruitful music festivals with a great line up every year and great atmosphere – what else could you ask for?

17. Adelaide Gaol

Take a tour through South Australia’s first permanent gaol by night to get acquainted with some of the ‘friendly’ ghosts haunting the halls.

16. Dolphin Kayaking


Make friends with the playful Port River Dolphins on a 3-hour guided kayaking tour to see these curious creatures and a range of other wildlife – this is the first of many awesome animal experiences in Adelaide.

15. Swim with Sea Lions

You can swim with sea lions! Let us repeat ourselves… YOU CAN SWIM WITH SEA LIONS! It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Fit your mask, snorkel and wetsuit and jump in the water to swim with these cute, curious creatures.

14. Art Gallery of South Australia

One of three popular visual arts museums in the state, this gallery has been mesmerising visitors since 1881, showcasing a collection of 38,000 art works from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

13. Adelaide Zoo


Australia’s second oldest zoo this is the Australian Panda Home – yes, Pandas! Working to save species from extinction and connecting people with nature, seeing the great work this team does is a must.

12. Fringe Festival

fring fest

During February and March, Adelaide Fringe takes over the city. The biggest (and wildest) arts festival down under, you can choose from a large program of local and international acts to enjoy.

11. Maggie Beer

You can often catch Maggie flashing a few smiles and splashing a few glasses of champagne at the Tasting Australia Festival. Her career was pretty much made in South Australia and she still resides there today, so keep your eyes peeled around the streets as you might bump into her.

10. The Cheapest pint of beer

On the topic of beer, it’s only necessary we mention that Adelaide is known for selling the cheapest pint of beer on average in Australia. If you’re up for experiencing one of the iconic tastes of the region, be sure to try a local brew of Coopers – one of SA’s finest.

9. Food, food & food

South Australia is one of the best (and tastiest) food capitals in Australia, with a growing and delightful array of restaurants, bars and more. All you have to do is search “#SAFood” on Instagram to see why this is in our top 10.

8. Any of the Beaches

Adelaide’s various beaches are all great for different reasons, one point in their favour across the board is they’re not as crowded as those touristy Sydney and Gold Coast beaches to the north.

Here are few options; Aldinga for driving on the beach, Farm Beach for fishing, Normanville is family-friendly, Seacliff for swimming, West Cape for surfing and Moana (or ‘Mowies’) is perfect for everything.

7. Kangaroo Island

Get up close to KI’s iconic wildlife; mainly the animal the island is named after. Kangaroo Island is also home to 500 sea lions, koalas and echidnas. It also has incredible scenic hikes and lookouts.

6. Adelaide Central Markets

Since 1869 these markets have been the go-to hub for food and culture in the city. There are over 80 traders to explore, selling a huge range of fresh food including fruit, vegetables, meat, bakery items and health foods.

5. Monarto Safari Park

Get up close to amazing wildlife in Adelaide’s open plan zoo. You will see some cheetahs, monkeys, lions, giraffes, rhinos and more as you make our way through the open-air enclosures. Join an epic safari on the outskirts of Adelaide. This is your taste of Africa right here in Australia.

4. Swim with wild dolphins

swim with dolphins

Stepping up the game from #16, Adelaide also lets you swim with dolphins! What better way to brag about your trip to Adelaide then by casually throwing in that you swam with wild dolphins, it’s sure to impress?

3. Barossa Valley


Exploring this renowned wine-producing region is a must and tasting is a given (of course). The speciality is Shiraz, so top up your glass and start tasting.

2. Tasting Australia Festival

One of the biggest food festivals in the country, here you will find some of the best chef’s in Australia gathering to serve, talk about and eat food.

1. Explore the city

Grab a bike, clip up your helmet and start exploring the town yourself. All of Adelaide can be explored briefly in about a day and the best part is there aren’t any hills making your ride quite easy and enjoyable.

In addition, if you’re looking for all the top things to see and do in and around Adelaide and South Australia including activities, attractions and more, be sure to check out our main region section to browse and book online!

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